Delete Brigitte and literally more people will play the game

Brig is not a fun character. I know lots of people who are really unmotivated to play this game literally because of that character.


You could say the same thing about Tracer, Mercy, McCree, Doomfist, Reinhardt etc
Doesn’t change the fact that removing a hero is a terrible idea in general.


Unless it’s all the lowest tier heroes that don’t see regular gameplay outside of one-tricks. The game will do fine without Torbjorn, Bastion, and Symmetra.


a lot of people would quit the game if those heroes were removed because they are really attached to them

I am sure it is the same for Brig, this is purely my own monstrous bias talking here, but she is literally the only hero where I honestly have a hard time imaging anyone ever saying anything like “oh no, brig was removed, there goes my fun! I quit!”


then how are some players having fun playing her?

Can i get a list of these players to fact check?


1: the OP
2: me

more will follow shortly, stick around


Take away her armor, lower her ability damage, make her ult a health fountain.


i will, i love the complaints. i feed off of tears


Fair enough, to each their own. But what OP is suggesting is that the game would somehow improve to the point where older players would return on top of acquiring new players, “more people will play the game.”

When has removing content, regardless of what it is, ever helped a game?


I know a couple people who would likely quit if they removed Brigitte.


Rein is a pretty mindless character too, Zen is pretty much the set and forget healer so he’s low skill and he can dps. Let’s not forget how Orisa is just Bastion with a barrier so she’s gone as well as she’s low skill.

I can keep going on until only Widow is left since her kit is the one that values mechanical skill the most (McCree as well arguably, but flashbang is easy to use and no skill).

Edit: You seem like the kind of person that believes McCree is a hard counter to Tracer and Genji.


Nope, both are currently and always have been in diamond.


that first point is more of an opinion than anything.


Or rework her to make her fulfill her role as a support solely. Right now she’s pretty versatile on what role she can be put in. Dps, off-tank, or support.


is this a serious question? I am not sure what scope you are referring to by “help”, but whether from the perspective of developers or players, online gaming offers a plethora of instances where content was removed from a game for an overall benefit.

do you want me to list some of them? what benefit would that have?

the OPs point is pretty simple: generally speaking, people hate the character more than they enjoy her. Overwatch would be a better and more enjoyable game without the character.

Whether or not you agree or disagree with this specific instance, I am really perplexed by your general assertion. Is “more” “content” “always” “better”? You cannot imagine a character they could implement that you would want to see removed from the game?

If you want to argue about Brig I would suggest arguing about Brig. “She cannot possibly be bad for the game because more content is always better” is an odd stance to take, if that is what you are trying to say.


Sombra is healer/DPS, Hog is tank/DPS. I don’t think it’s really a requirement that a hero should fit their role exactly according to the class parameters.


He’s riddled with bugs that make him inconsistent for both the one playing him and the opposing side. He’s broken, delete him.

You mean pressing E or shift every now and then while mindlessly spamming into a group?

I’m not saying they aren’t skillful but you can dumb down just about any kit to make it sound like its easy. Instead of just “deleting” her from the game, why not provide meaningful insight or an actual solution to the problem like removing the third person camera while holding up a shield so she can’t flank around corners as easily?

I’d never argue to remove a character when reworking/adjusting their skills and mechanics are always an option. Sym could have been removed 3 times now but instead they chose to try to buff her in a way that would help her find impact. Whether or not it was successful is another story, but deleting a character for the sake of balance is just terrible dev work.


Those heros need skills… they can get small nerfs and ready.

I dont know how to fix briggite… a full rework maybe

Going by your logic, Junkrat, Pharah, Zarya, Etc are absolutely broken in their own rights, but this is why counters exist.

Brig can definitely make an effect on the game, but if a pharah, ana, sombra, or goodness gravy a bastion gets to her, her contribution is thrown out the window, as it is with most characters because they have counters.

Yes, Brig is good, but some characters wreck her.


Well i get unmotivated because of tracer so lets just remove her