Delete Brigitte Already

She does WAY too much.

-Shorter stun cooldown than (DPS) McCree’s flashbang with longer duration (Nerf it to 10 seconds Blizz)

-Insanely overpowered burst combo, RC + LC + Shift (Letting her instantly delete anyone bellow 200hp)

-Counters every single tank
-Has her own shield (Letting her off-tank)

-Provides healer AND armor at the same time

-Has two CC abilities that let her destroy ANYONE in a 1v1 (Again this is apparently a “support” hero)

-Her ultimate stacks UNDER shields, allowing her teammates to have WAY too much permanent health

Just admit you took a wrong step with this character and delete her Blizzard, it’s very obvious you took the lazy route and gave her every ability you could think of.


Salty much? How bout we delete genji and Hanzo while we’re at it? No better yet just make it a tank and healer game…


How bout no

Edit: never mind, I’m down with removing her


Lol, on qp he is a genji main and for competitive the start of THIS season some genji but mainly Hanzo. Enough said.


Go to Bastion Brigitte melts like butter in a blast furnace, it was almost like Brigitte was designed to be hard countered by Bastion.


Another DPS player angry because the new best waifu in the game is smacking them around when they try to flank. Hilarious. She’s here to stay, sorry, maybe play Hanzo you seem to like the shimadas alot. And if you can’t beat even a bad brig you’re fired.


As proven by the overwatch league (and simple logic), Brigitte is hardly a problem. She is overtuned at best but not OP. Her and Hanzo are both getting nerfs, so everyhting will be fine


I think she was probably a step in the wrong direction. Her mechanical and lore design is very bland. She’s a white bread character that can do a little bit of everything a little bit too well, without bringing anything new and exciting to the game. Dealing with her on an enemy team just feels like a dreary chore instead of a challenge.

Alright guys, bring out the Pharah, junkrat, and bastion and bully her until she switches, then we can switch again and actually start the match for real. Seeing her just elicits a sigh, a headshake, and the need to light up a herbal product to bring the blood pressure back down.


I mean they arent going to delete her… For once i’m glad blizzard is incapable of going back.


I know that every new hero upon release has needed tweaks (or still needs some in Ana-banana’s case) in some shape or form in order to reach their ‘balanced’ state, but let me pose an observation I’ve made about the perception of balance for Brigitte in relation to the 2nd most recent hero - Moira.

What I mean is - is Brigitte getting the Moira treatment in terms of community reactions? Let me explain.

Moira: Upon release the forums and in-game chat alike were on fire about how broken op she was being able to heal a whole team of tanks, deal 100dps in a quick combo in 1v1 scenarios and pick off supports and bully flankers alike with the best escape in the game. I recall making posts concerning Moira’s balance mere weeks prior to Brigitte’s debut talking about these things and how she also had unique limitations to her healing capacity - namely her healing resource bar and how gobbles up her very useful healing orb on demand (as we know at the time was very prevalent.)

Once Brigitte was released though (as I anticipated) all of that vitriol evaporated towards Moira because the masses had finally come to realize how to deal with Moira in an organized setting over the comp seasons, and no longer cited QP and initial comp pickrates as reason for her being ‘op’ as people were often doing in the wake of the garbage fire that was the Mercy meta (wherein pickrates were a big factor in people’s argumentation and to some degree still are today).

Brigitte is where Moira was when I first took to the forums midway through Moira’s debut season into comp, that state being where people are still adapting to her quite frankly meta disrupting capabilities - unlike Moira who (while providing a new healer) didn’t really define any seismic meta shifts. While I will not say Brigitte is not without her imbalances, I don’t think giving her a Doomfist-tier nerf hammer is the answer to our problems like the forums seem to think she needs - otherwise we’ll be back to the endless dive meta some people were tiring of so short a time ago.

No, I think people still just need more time to utilize her counters; and to some degree, they already have in my ranked games. Will I instalock Brig in many games? Yeah, I like her playstyle and she’s a new force in comp, why not? Will I stay on her against a Junkrat, double sniper, or Pharah when we lack hitscan? No. Because those heroes tend to absolutely brutalize her effectiveness. And just like Moira she has her own limitations: her heal having travel time and a considerable cooldown or needing the condition of melee strikes in order to even trigger, her dps being entirely reliant on the enemy team walking into her or ignoring her combo vulnerability or cooldowns, etc.

Tl;dr: I think new heroes need to have found their place in the competitive scene in order to be properly deliberated upon in terms of balance, rather than us showing an unwillingness to adapt nor experiment to try and work around new introductions to comp. Yes, Brigitte still needs some fine tuning, but not an entire rework like some forum posts might recommend.

P.S: I’m not citing OWL for evidence of balance simply due to the fact OWL is a whoooole different beast to ladder.


Brigitte is my girl

Finally got all her cosmetics and waiting to see what she gets for the anniversary

She is fine.


What’s the problem with her ? She’s easy to play and do a lot ? If you want to play harder heroes play New Sym, Doomfist or Wrecking Ball, but you don’t like them too ? So you don’t like hero who are easy to play and hero who are hard to play ?

Or is it that you don’t like Cc abilities ? So stop Overwatch, the way they go there will be others and others cc abilities, so if you don’t want to deal with them, stop dealing with them. Stop playing the game.

Stop complaining about all the changes the devs make to the game.


Why are you biased against dps players? Are you sure you want game where nothing dies without ults?

Neither of these things will ever, ever happen.

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You can’t prove anything by reference to outliers, which OWL players are almost by definition.

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that hero is out since like 3 months and there is people who can’t still adapt themselves while others know how to counter her and carry on.
Lol Darwin’s Theory of Evolution never felt so true


Who the [edited by moderation] necro this thread? Moderation Edit: This post has been edited by a moderator due to language.


insanely overpowered burst combo

that combo is exactly 150 or 155 if i remember correctly hanzo can spit out 400+ dmg with storm without crits !! hell junks nade then landmine is 240 and hog has been hook deleting most heroes since launch xD but yeah blowing 2 abilities for melee range and laughable 150 is insanely overpowered sure


I see some no life wanted to revive this dumb thread LOL

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