Definitive Mercy Poll

I feel like they nerfed her healing for the purpose of preventing her from solo healing.


Especially when it’s gonna be inherently skewed

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Because any time the results are shown as in favor of a rework, the poll is suddenly “invalid”


So your just going to ignore the thread I linked?

because people don’t do their research or actually want real discussion they just wanna say no she doesn’t need anything but DONT YOU DARE THINK ABOUT PLAYING HER IN MY COMP GAMES.

Well your a stuning example aswell of it. Nothing but YOUR opinion can be accepted and nothing but YOUR opinion is right.

Yes mister hypocrite you fall into the same barrel.

You don’t even try to research why people are upset with mercys current state and you just assume I cant be reasoned with or that I think my opinion of what I want from mercys rework is the only way to go about things.

honestly go look in a mirror your hypocrite.

because blizzard wont step in and give a definitive answer themselves and nobody in the community can properly debate or except the results.

I just don’t get people’s reasoning when they’re asking for a rework.She’s “not fun” is not a valid argument.Mercy was a must pick for solong,now she’s finally balanced,and everyone’s complaining.

This thread answers your questions about peoples reasoning behind disliking mercy’s state.

that means you are saying ana is OP in her current state if you really think mercy is balanced.

which really isn’t the case here.


Theyve literally said theyre not going ot rework Mercy, jeff said shes not being nerfed again in a video, her most recent update was a buff. What more of an answer do you need?

They never adress heroes in the way the Mercy community wants them to. Because they dont have to, theyve already shown you theyre not doing a rework, yet people are still crying and making polls demanding one.

Nobody can debate the results because they will never be accurate. We dont have any statistics on how the game is doing, no Overbuff isnt reliable, so anecdotal evidence does not prove anything. Countless polls of the exact same thing, is not going to do anything.

Just as Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” which is exactly what the Mercy community does. I just really dont see why they expect change when they have been shown countless times change is either not going ot happen, or not going ot happen the way they want it.

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I replied saying ‘Why reply if you don’t care?’. Then you questioned me on my reply. I didn’t turn it into a big deal. You did. If you don’t care, don’t reply. Not caring doesn’t help solve the problem at all. There’s a difference between an opinion and just something completely irrelevant.


Yes they do. The person you replied to gave you some of Mercy’s statistics. I’d call that research.

they said they weren’t going to revert.

maybe they should start to.



Right yeah, I meant revert, sorry my bad.

They dont have to start reasoning with the community after every little change, and bargaining. In their updates, they explain why they changed it. That is enough. Shes not our character, shes blizzards. They dont owe us anything, especially not the people crying and whining to get their way.

With Res you needed to think of

  1. Who to res and when
  2. How many people are you going for in a res
  3. Where and when you want to res
  4. Whether it was worth hiding for a big res or sticking through for a tempo res

Valk realistically you just run back and chain a beam, occasionally killing bad Widows.


Reverting would bring the god awful mass rez mechanic back to the game.
Buffing her would make her broken since blizzard and frankly nobody knows how to make her current state balanced or “FUN”.
Only trolls voted for nerf her.

You an still do that with rezz on E

The more the merrier

When there’s a teamfight,or everyones dead

It’s all just insta rezz anyways,risk is low af

If this were the case, invulnerability would have never been added.

They changed it because Mercy died most of the time after casting resurrect, leaving the allies without a healer.


Then why the faq do people ask for
mass rezz with 1 second cast time,movement stun,enabled damage and CC.(“in order to make it balanced”)
What the heck is wrong with their brains?

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Not at all. The cast time and range means you never determine who is in place for a res, your team composition does (Zarya, Mei, Dva), or your enemy’s lack of attention does. If you’re unguarded and even a Lucio sees you ressing, it doesn’t work and you almost always die.

Except the more people that are dead, the harder it is to res since your chances of being caught and killed or the fight snowballing go up with each downed team mate.

No. Often a team fight will be broken up into pieces. You’ll have flankers and/or snipers (incl Ana) and then you’ll have the main objective, and they can’t always be rezzed in the same spot unless by definition the flankers aren’t doing their jobs.

The risk was not low. If you’re out of the fight, you are costing your team every second you’re doing nothing. There’s a pretty complex cost-benefit decision to make here.

And realistically any Ult you gave Mercy would involve a lot of this kind of decision making because she can GA back into fights. It’s just how she’s designed.

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Because of the community’s view of instarez being “OP” despite the statistics flat contradicting them.


I explained my reply to your reply. I never asked questions. Now you’re just making stuff up. Like it or not, my comment was an opinion, but it was brief and to the point.

iNSTAREZZ is op.It’s the OP est thing in the game.

The statistics from 2016 tell me you’re lying.