Dear Toxic Ana Players/Supporters


Ana’s buffs didn’t do anything for her until Mercy got nerfed.

I don’t get what you’re trying to say here?

Ana got her 60 damage buffed because when she had 60 damage she was battling with Symmetra for worst Support-hero Pick-Rate.

The extra ammo was due to the fact that she was barely healing more than Zenyatta as a Main-Healer.

The extra-healing on her Nano Boost was due to the fact that Nano Boost as an ultimate, did not bring enough to the table that warranted picking Ana over Moira & Mercy and that in using it, too often a Nano’d target would die before actually getting effective use.

Could it be that Nano Boost was giving too much additional healing? Most likely.

However, Ana’s current state is mostly of the result of:

A) She synergizes well with the current Tanks of the meta (if there is one), she’s the ideal Support to run.
B) She’s been out of the meta for a long time and now people can run her without someone asking for Mercy.
C) Mercy got overnerfed and as such, Ana took up her spot.

…so again, I don’t understand the argument being made here.

Most of the buffs asked for Ana was largely due in part of her weak state, which through each buff that occurred, was proven to have not changed.

Also, let’s not forget that some of the Ana’s asking for buffs also play on Console as well as the situation on there is way different.


Ana is going to get destroyed. That’s why I spend a fair amount of time on the trusty Zenyatta. He hasn’t been changed in ages.


in b4 jjonak gets zen nerfed by being too gud. (again?) :joy:


I think people are interested in fact or what actual updated and buffs are applied. It’s actually dishonest to be passive aggressive, attack labels to distract from them. So yea, keep blaming supposed “Mercy players.” I enjoy flexing.

I find it curious you take more offense in toxic Ana players being called out in lying or being greedy repeatedly in constructive debate with proof. Than the being critical of the actual deception that took place. Like how dare people turn their noses to toxic player who repeatedly lie. But in your opinion since it’s lie benefiting Ana players, it’s okay? Because that’s what you been defending the whole time.

Here’s my two cents. It doesn’t matter what you main, if you have to lie about your character not receiving buffs over and over despite buff. That’s being a greedy being a jerk.

It’s just petty to attack labels or ad hominem Actually it sounds like our projecting your own prejudice on Mercy players. If you can’t refute a point, just attack label. You aware I actually enjoy flexing. It seems you are mad if “Mercy main” happens to be right. If there was recent buffs on Mercy back to back for months, and they lied about it not existing to get more buffs. I would be critical on them as well.


What exactly are they lying about?


I hope you aren’t intentional being coy and going broken record here. Even the example and proof was already posted to refute lies.

Obviously false and a strawman about that single thread can stall Ana development when she become top pick with many updates. It’s just blatant lie and shaming tactic to silence any constructive criticism. We know for fact did receive recent buffs back to back.

Jeff confirms Ana rifle damage buff Back in Oct/Nov 2017
"Yes. We’re increasing her damage.(70)
We’ve been testing it internally for a while. Last night, we threw our competitive group at it (Masters/GM level players) and they really liked it also. So it will probably make the PTR soon.

"Continuing the discussion from [Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – May 3,

It doesn’t matter if these facts or updated are written on napkin or from a Mercy/Ani/Junkrat/Doomfist main. Facts are facts. No amount of prejudice can change those updated existed and Momoking lied. I find it hypocritical they talk about ignorance or being disrespectful, yet they are the one omitting facts and talk down on Mercy players, who happen to know about Ana updated than they do. Dev put a lot of hard work and thought into those positive changes to Ana, give credit where it’s due.

Please stop defending toxic Ana players and enabling them. OP is right. It’s getting out of hand. I have lot of friend in game who play Ana and don’t feel the need to rub it in be toxic to get what they want.


I gave you a reason why people were “attacking” you, using information you provided yourself - about people calling you a “gold mercy main”. I don’t care what you actually are or not. If someone is calling you that, in a nasty way, then it could be because that’s what you sound like due to forum stereotype.

I didn’t say there weren’t toxic Ana players - I’ve run into quite a few of them. Go ahead and call them out. Like you would any other toxic person. I don’t like them either.

Oh yes, the Ana mains gathered 'round for a grand conspiracy about her nerfs (season 3/4) and being absolute garbage (until buffs started).

Ana did get buffs. Yes.

People said she was also useless for about a year. About. I feel I should stress about since I don’t recall exact dates and most people tend to round in a very general easy to digest way. “A year” comes across better than x-months to a lot of people. I would hesitate to call it a “lie” or a “deception” specifically since that was hardly the intent at the time. People that used longer than that as a reason were, probably, being over dramatic and no malicious.

Edit: don’t attribute to malice what could be explained with ignorance and all that.

Post 70 damage buff I never saw any one claim “she never got buffed”. I did, however, see “her buff didn’t help” and “Ana needs more”.

That’s not lying. Or being deceitful. It’s claiming the buff didn’t help out their character much and/or enough. Fair enough, I would say.

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Dear toxicity criers. Use mute, block, avoid and report.


It is toxic, I never said it wasn’t and also never excused it, but you’re also singling out (toxic??) ana players like they’re the only ones doing it. There have been a lot of people who have been unnecessarily nasty to Mercy players lately.

This sounds like a very, very specific person you had it out with. I don’t think I’ve even run into that many Ana-specific players with this issue. Could count them on one hand at most. You getting into a forum slap fight with one person about this issue isn’t ‘mental gymnastics’ for a whole slew of them.

You’re the one calling people ‘liars’ for being - most likely - uninformed, aside from the one person you got into a forum fight with.

Neither is calling Ana players liars my dude.

As you did when I pointed out the issue with your initial post you mean? According to you - that’s toxic. And makes you a liar . Or something.

There’s a lot of toxic people running around doing whatever they want. And they main a lot of different characters too - I just want you to be a little more exact when doing it. Barring which hunting since I think I know the individual you’re talking about.

And this:

Was relevant to the paragraph above it - not toxicity. But sure, shove it where ever you want and attribute it to whatever you want. No context needed. :^)

Nice edit btw


That’s IF you can land them while the characters are moving, whereas Mercy has a continuous beam that locks onto and follows the player she is healing. Apples and airships.

And how are people complaining that Ana can Nano Boost herself in Deathmatch?? What the hell else is she SUPPOSED to do with an ult, boost her enemy?


This is toxic.

This is not toxic.

Depending on how it’s put - the person could have no idea what exact dates or have been mislead by other forum posts. There was conflicting information at the time from these forums, to reddit, to youtube. People figured they could trust others without fact checking.

A lot of players in this game did this. Just about every main in the book was posting about nerf mercy and bashing her mains.

I did not defend momo at all in this thread. Directly or indirectly -at least not on purpose in any way. You’re putting your own feelings into this, not mine because you got into a slap fight with them specifically. If they were the one to rank/main shame you - yes, that was toxic.

Are you about to call them The Cult of Ana? lul. You kept linking one post/person as evidence of some hoard of liars. That’s one of the points I have a problem with.

We should call them a Cabal… the Ana Cabal. :]

I agree with the OP’s basis but not the way they wrote it - ignorning that this has been happening for a long while between Ana and Mercy mains on top of the fact that Mercy is getting crap from everyone in all corners. Why Ana mains/supporters specifically and only - is it cause she’s meta - is that not what people did to mercy when she was meta - and is that not pretty much what OP wants to stop. You’re the one trying to put words in my mouth by involving your own feelings in this. If you want to call one particular person a liar for misleading or spreading false info, I can some what agree - but calling everyone who asked for buffs post 70 dmg liar - especially if it was because of bad info that went around - I do not agree with.

Edit: OP’s edit(s) to their original post made it significantly more agreeable out right- so yes, I agree with OP.


Wait, DVA doesn’t require aim?


I never understood the point. Mercy is not a bad pick, neither is Ana. Both are viable, both have their uses. IMO Zen is the best support but he isnt as played now because of the burst damage , altho you can still get a lot of value from him if you are good. Characters that need to be looked more into are: Rein, McCree, Bastion, Hog…just to name a few. But it seems like people would rather constantly focus on their main and not what makes the game better…


Did you forget you were the one who brought up Ana as being conspiracist? I just agreed with you when they were lying to get what they wanted with proof. You kind of played yourself. There’s dozens of more examples of toxic Ana behavior, in greed in the “Are Ana mains demanding more Buffs getting greedy?” Thread.

When it was cited:
-Ana was good tank killer with team work with grenade
-Moderate damage Widowmaker
-Good anti-Pharah pick
-Several Ana Buff helping

Toxic people insist that was just dumb low sr players, Ana-hater, Mercy Main giving bad advice. When it was revealed that those suggestions and feedback were directly from other Ana main or famous youtubers. Others just double down buffs didn’t exist even after the dev updates were posted. Ana player ate their own and blamed on Mercy. Very embarrassing.

Other players felt Ana players were starting to get greedy as the repeatedly got what they asked for, Ana was on her way being higher pick rate. But people still complained.

Here’s other people feedback about Ana’s damage buff.
us.battle dot net subject “I love Ana’s damage buff so much” "Damage buff for Ana is cool…
“70 is still good stop complaining you get what you want and you still complain like wow” -Buzzintate
“70’s a fantastic spot.
Would prefer they up her healing potential, by giving her more ammo and maybe letting darts pierce barriers but only healing when doing so, but I’ll take it.” -Sederath Oct31

“Wow did blizzard listen and later gave extra ammo and better healing. But delusional people like JuicyBrucie pretend these buff don’t exist or just 100% opinion to egg on more buffs. How greedy.”

You seem confused. Ambiguous points with empty rhetoric without proof again? That’s moot. Despite your desperate spin defending toxic players. Clearly people can see in patch notes/in game Ana did in fact receive several buffs back to back. Clearly momoking claim they don’t exist is in the wrong, on top of double down lashing on low mercy mains for simply pointing out the fact. That’s done out of malice and not constructive. People are welcome to constructively disagree, however don’t repeatedly make stuff up or insult others when the facts do come out.

Shades you are confused and keep contradicting yourself. It’s very misleading. You then back pedaled and agree attacking someone low rank is wrong or mocking other with insulting stereotypes is toxic. But then turn around and hypocritical do it yourself. When I didn’t insult you, you like to mock with stereotypes to avoid facts. Then you get offended that several toxic Ana players got caught lying with proof, rather than criticise unethical behavior itself. That’s not reasonable. Where’s your credibility in that. You aren’t buying what you are selling, and going in circle contradicting yourself or repeat points that been debunked already. People should work together, not encourage deception or greed.

I actually flex a lot even Main a Mei/Reaper in low platinum with around 60% win rate this season. My best over all win rate on all season is with torb with +62% win rate. I actually cheer for the underdog a lot and previous ana buffs But I guess is easier to attack stereotypes distract from previous facts presented. Shade you being toxic person yourself of course defend Momoking doing the same or worse trying to lie about lack of Ana buffs to egg on more. Understand that belittling Mercy players when they point out inconvenient facts, it undermines your point and shows your hypocrisy.

That’s cute deflection. Does it change how Did Momoking/JuicyBrucie repeated lie about the lack of Ana buffs to egg on more buffs? Or how they bully Mercy players with prejudice, or low rank players for simply pointing out inconvenient facts? Nope. Of course you defend toxic players that push a false narrative when you are hypocritically toxic yourself. Keep deflecting though. It’s interesting you can’t actually prove and proof I like I have. But just spin more empty rhetoric that enables more toxic ana behavior that OP as talking bout.

Yea that’s not how it works. But why Shade attack strawman or blatantly lie when I already encouraged an open discussion. Omitting more facts.

Even though I got insulted and put down for being a Mercy main. I still in
in fact I took the time to listen and collection numerous people’s feedback/request for more Ana buff. I quoted feedback from other Ana mains providing helpful tips to share. Shades your false narrative doesn’t add up. Shades I’m going to kindly ask you to stop lying and blatantly manipulating people. It’s toxic and very hypocritical of you. Deception and spin isn’t constructive.


The problem with using this thread as an example is that it’s practically a bait thread. It’s nearly an “are x-mains toxic” thread.

It’s essentially the same issue with the other thread you linked - momos?. You’d need the Ana equivalent of Titanium for a good spread topic where actual discussion is going on and no one is instantly put on the defensive because of their main.

I was mocking you thinking that they had all gathered up and weren’t just individuals with opinions that happened to match off and on in various ways.

This had never changed - she wasn’t worth the pick.

No, and I wish this comparison, along with the Mcree one, would go away.

Decent. I think ‘good’ was comp dependent but I can’t disagree overly.

She needed buffs. I don’t like the last one she got as it is, nano-heal was/is too much. I’m going off the assumption that was the final one and she had the ‘shoot through allies’ buff at this time. I’m not going to check.

70 damage alone wouldn’t have done much for Ana pick rates. Sorry but it wouldn’t have solved either issues - Ana being a weak pick in general and especially when compared to Mercy at the time - whether due to meta or other factors. But 70 damage is also a fantastic spot for the character she is. Only a handful of people actually want it higher.

Some were definitely toxic in the way they did it - aggressive rank shaming for example, but people who were polite about it aren’t toxic just because they do bring up rank - ex. a Master Ana would have a vastly different experience than a Gold Ana - it is a fair point to make. I saw people getting toxic to those who were rather polite about it only because they brought up rank in that way.

What if people like this just absolutely hated the buffs that they got - some or all - and that’s why they’re posting? Maybe they’re hoping that they’ll get what they want and the other buff will get taken away. I could see someone posting a reply/topic like that and it’s not done out of “greed” for more buffs in general as much as it is buffs for the way they want the character. Not that I agree with the example you linked specifically.

You act like if I disagree with something/one thing you said I absolutely must agree with the other people who disagree with you - who are, in this case, those toxic, greedy ana mains - or that I disagree with absolutely everything. That’s not the way it works. Or that you can’t agree with what someone said overall and not the way they said it.

You aren’t interested in a conversation, you’re interested in calling me toxic and saying I defend toxic players then editing your posts to pretend you didn’t - like when you called me “petty and projecting” then deleted it. Anything but complete and exact agreement with you is “toxic”. I wish we had an ignore feature still. smh


One is an Ultimate, the other one is a normal ability on a cooldown. Obviously the Ultimate should be the better of the two.


Why didn’t you make a whole post about them then and only picked Ana players?

This post is unconstructive and if the word Ana was changed to Mercy this post would have been mass flagged by now.


because in this world and in OW there is no EQUAL! especially in a video game there will allways be a BETTER hero / skill whatever. The only thing is what blizz can do, they can try to keep the gap between heroes as small as they can! And this should allways be their goal.


In the beginning was the flat-earth society, then the mac users come…after that vegans and antivax and at the end when the last angel blew the 4th trumpet the mercy mains invaded earth. I remember the first July so don’t tell another story, the old forum is there so u can see the truth about who MOCKED every nerfed char in the history of OW, look ana nano nerf posts, better!go to time period of RH dead…let read some mercy posts lmao…let see who is toxic.


I dont have time to actually answer your whole post, im in general agreement, dont dumpster one hero for another but:

bruh you have to be kidding me people dont think ana is harder than mercy cuz she has to aim. Its because mercy has probably the best mobilty in all of the support catagory, has 1 sec auto regen, and doesnt need to aim. Mercy is infinitely easier than ana. Ana has to worry about everything mercy does and more…
Dva rein and winston are insanely hard. IMO tanks are the hardest class in the game. Why? Because THEY need to take the damage for the team. THEY need to stay in direct line of fire.

torb requires aim to suceed at higher ranks coupled with the whole immobility thing. Higher rank torbs have insanely good aim… doom is busted cmv u cannot his sustain is too good

stop this misconception that mercy is easier than ana because mercy doesnt have to aim, its because mercy has way better mobility and regen,