Dear Rein players


Here is a scenario that is most unlikely to happen when you charge into enemy lines all by yourself:
You 1V6 the entire team and come back alive .
Stop thinking it’s gonna happen to you. Chances are it won’t.
Sinceraly, a frustrated Ana main


Extra points for the ones who charge when they’re already critical.

Or for the ones who don’t swing when the enemy is in swinging distance.


Here is a scenario that happens far too often.

Rein waits for the team to group up.
Rein says “push”.
Rein pushes into the enemy team.
Rein looks around.
Rein doesn’t have his team with them.
Rein dies because for some reason the team thought it’d be good to just watch him try to 1v6 the enemy.

At least in my games, this scenario seems a lot more likely than a Rein just suicide charging.


Let him die, the choke is so warm and comfortable…


Idk I’m just in gold, I see more reins charging in at critical than I’d like to admit.

I know we average in gold but dang that’s just rood.


it does happen quite often xD i would be liying if i said i havent done that more that a few times but in my defense you would think ur team would charge in there with you but no there all dead or laughing at your dead body


It’s usually a lone Mercy or Lucio that commits together with me, while the rest just kinda spreads out and waits for a miracle.


Sometimes it’s not a bad choice, if my shield is broken and two enemies are shooting at me, why not try to take someone with me with a desperation charge?


Because I’m a support trying to heal his armored butt before he goes in.

If you’re the last one left then by all means but sometimes I wonder about people and their UI settings. It’s hard to tell when you’re being healed yeah but dang, LET ME HEAL YOU PLS I want to help.


Dear players, if your Rine dives in. Don’t just stand at the choke point. Go in as well.


This happens to me the most often.
While I am pushing my Team decides its a great idea to now hide behind various walls and take pop shots to see what happens.


You don’t understand. It’s not something we can chose, it’s our destiny, our calling, who we are.


I love it when they charge in and try to shatter but gets cc’ed as the hammer comes down…


It always amazes me how people in low ranks use a long charge for initiating a fight. You’re not going to accomplish anything by charging straight into enemy backlines. You need to make sure you’re likely to get a pin and that there’s something to break your charge on very close behind your target.


To be fair, looking at my hours, it’s probably just because I’m the Rein half the time in my games, and I already (think) I know not to suicide :P.


When I get a rein that likes to do this long charges, as either a dps or the off tank I just think to myself, “looks like we are going in”.

Even worse when I’m on Zarya and they do it without warning. Like give me a heads up and I will bubble you. Luckily I gotten so use to it that I can quickly bubble them mid charge.


But it has… I was in Kings Row on defense and charged in destroying 5 out of the 6 enemy and hit the last one for the team kill. It was a glorious day.


Even more points if they are critical
There is a bastion
There is a reaper
They are the last one alive
You just respawned
And they spam i need healing


How else will I get my sick 720, 6 man Earthshatter, pogchamp plays??


I had a rein (I hope not seriously) ask for healing as he was charging critically while the entire team was dead before. Granted, pretty sure he was just having a laugh though. SURELY he knows his entire team had died…

There are no limits here, lol