Dear Rein players


It annoys me as a tank player to see this


I love my tanks, since I main support, but golly some of them are all taking the piss out of their team.

The best part though is if I’m mercy and I rez a suiciding rein. It’s like, ok, you got a second chance buddy. don’t let me down. They start to swing and it’s all good again.


What happens when a Rein has to make a decision in pushing:

1a) You charge in gloriously, make a crucial pin and you see your enemies fall one by one under your mighty hammer.

2a) You push together with the team, with your barrier up all time, and using your hammer methodically only to finish low health priority targets, like the tactician god you are


1b) You charge like an idiot, managing to miss every single enemy even if they were clumped, only to die alone and feed them ult charge.

2b) You standing hopelessly at the choke as your barrier melts repeatedly, only to have your entire team scream "Omg rein you coward trash, stop standing in the choke and do something.
Of course without fail, you do 1b.


Me, attacking Hanamura, first chokepoint, as Rein:
-Standing at gate with shield up, getting ready to push in.
-Move forward, expecting my team to follow.
-They don’t.
-I die–horribly–in under a second as the other team casually eviscerates me
-Enemy team seizes the opportunity to hunt down the 4 DPS on my team that apparently don’t know they have an S key on their keyboards.
-Okay, let’s try this again.
-Hesitate at choke this time because I’ve already learned not to trust these hopeless CoD-brained incompetents, wait for a pick so we’ve at least got an advantage.
-Nobody gets a pick, what a surprise. Shield breaks, enemy team descends upon us like a pack of Ozian flying monkeys.
-This is pretty much the breadth and scope of the match’s events until it ends.
-D E F E A T
-3 DPS and healer ragequit.
-Last DPS, a Hanzo who did nothing but barrier damage the whole match, informs the other team that our loss is my fault, because “our rein didnt push the whole match lmao ****ing trash gg”
-[HanzoGod6969] has left the game.

The fact that I share a species with some of the folks on this game is depressing.


Your supposed to follow your rein when he charges in. He is the main tank which means the rest of the team needs to follow behind him. The rein charging in means he wants to engage, and if you and your team doesn’t follow then the fight will be over quickly.


My comp experience in a nutshell…


Flank Rein and damage Reins are the worst to encounter though. Rein can be top damage if aggressive enough for sure. But he will not be shielding his team. Sometimes teammates are fine without his shield but other times it not.

Depends on your opponents skill levels I guess.


Lol how true I myself have done all of the above at least once.


This is by far the most infuriating rein that I can have as an enemy.

Good thing it’s so obvious that 80% of the time everyone notices him and he fails.

The rest 20% goes like this:

Me: “Oh, this fool will try to flank us, he will come from this corner so focus him. It should be easy”

Team: (crickets)

Me: “He is close now, be careful, spread and focus him.”

Team: tries to kill this enemy widow (with zarya, mercy, moira, mei etc)

Enemy rein: appears behind us and shatters us without a care in the world.

Team: “wtf rein why you didnt block this?”

Me: I feel dead inside.


are there suicide riens yea but a good chunk of the time its not a suicide its murder. it’s the rien getting everyone grouped up then pushing in to find that he is the only one that pushed. that’s not suicide its murder.


Or the ones who stand still in the middle of the choke till their shield breaks and then complains that healers and DPS arnt doing enough


This is the saddest thing I’ve read on the forums.

We need a blues soap opera featuring CATCHPHRASE as CATCHPHRASE to teach incompetent DPS players the tragedy of playing tanks.


You should always charge in with rein. The main tank decides when to take the team fight, you are the ones throwing if you don’t go in with them. Nothing worse than a cowardly, passive team that just looks at the objective.


Dear literally everyone who doesn’t understand Main Tanks

When we say “Push in”, and you don’t push in- charge is our last resort in “I need to touch”, especially in Overtime.

More often than not, a Reinhardt in lower ranks sees an opportunity, and charges. Or he has his ultimate, and charges.

Where is his team?
Still way behind; why?

  • They’re scared to push up (most common).
  • They don’t see the opportunity that Reinhardt does (common).
  • They think their lives are more important than securing the objective (less common).

I should mention, a lot of charges can lead to suicide if improperly prepared/timed. But I have also saved many teamfights, and even clutched whole games by solo-charging when I knew we had an ultimate coming online- or I could get a key pick- or I had shatter, which leads to Charge-Shield-360-Shatter. Which is, very effective.


Dear other players,

If your Rein goes in, you go in.



Been there, done that. I need a little set up but you can totally do it. The trick is charging backwards, into your team. Best way to do it is with a Sym teleporter


When the feeling takes over, you must charge.


No thanks, I shall go forth and die with honor while you stay behind and live a coward. Catchphrase.


Rein, keep your shield up.
Rein, my shields gone.
Players, rein keep your shield up.
Rein, its been burnt, I have no shield
Rein, chargers to put space between enemy and team.
Players, why didn’t you keep your shield up and charge.
Rein, shield was gone and taking damage, so I charged to stop enemy coming out.
Players, stop charging and keep your shield up.
Players, rein your a shi5 tank, cant keep your shield up.
Rein, I will dps now, have fun.