Dear lord Wrecking Ball is annoying

Symmetra is countered by the majority of the roster. She doesn’t require specific heroes to take her out. Any ranged DPS will deal with her fine. Winston deals with her fine. Hanzo Widow Sombra and Pharah decimate her. She doesn’t require CC to counter her.

Sym shouldn’t be annoying if you’re good at the game.

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Why… can’t it be? You appear to have a very narrow definition on what makes a “main tank.” Ball can still co-ordinate dives with his team, soak lots of damage and aggro, etc. A “main tank” doesn’t have to stand in a choke with a big glowing barrier.

A main tank is designed to take sustained aggro and allow for damage mitigation, Hammond can’t do either (or he’s just feeding).


A main tank makes space for his team to operate in. An off tank enforces the space made. It’s not about shield but function.

Hammond is a main when he’s constantly disrupting the enemy plans — not allowing them to group up and breaking their stride to give your team room to make picks.

Same too, Rheinhardt ceases to be a main tank when he isn’t protecting anything and goes glory-heart instead of providing space for the people behind him.

Debating whether or not WB is a main tank or not is like the 2019 version of does Moira have a lock on or not


Sooo… Mei’s a tank too? How about Reaper? How about Widow? They all fill that job too.

Is Winston a main tank?

Not exactly. They don’t make space for the team to operate in.

The vid I attached by Jayne covers the topic really well.

Citation pl0x? I’ve never seen him used as anything other than a main tank in professional matches. Surely they’ve not been using him wrong for the past however-many-months-its-been.

That’s pretty much my point, these labels that people throw around so much are basically meaningless when applied to Overwatch.

But yes, they all make space. Next you’re going to tell me Junk can’t “make space”.

Some more good vids.

You know I don’t think anyone is ever going to decide to watch 5 videos over you just explaining the point yourself

Eh, this one is more subjective whereas Moira literally does not have an auto lock (but she is easy enough that I can see where the confusion comes from).

It’s there for those that want to. The rest will just have to stick to trial and error I guess.

There’s good stuff out there. Worth the look later on when you’re in the mood for it.

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Ball is incredibly obnoxious. His shield change was completely unnecessary.

How are you gonna give a hero massive amounts of mobility, tons of CC, no critbox while using their mobility, and then give him the ability to add 100hp to himself per enemy, without the prior drawbacks? CC being his only real counter is lame too.

Either give him a critbox while in ball, reduce the effectiveness of his CC, or revert his shield change.


That’s sort of why OW gets called “Rock Paper Scissors Simulator”, but that’s the reality of it.

If I see a Hammond, I switch to Mei. Hammond usually disappears after two to three failed (very chilly) dives.

I play a lot of WB and stopping him is not only about CC but timing. Indeed Symmetra won’t do a good job on him if he’s on fire (high speed), but out of that it’s not that bad. But in general Symmetra isn’t good to counter him.
For quick CC like Doomfist and Brigitte the best moment to hit is when he tries to escape. By stunning him out of his hook he loses his best chance of escaping.
For Mei, a wall blocking his escape route.
For Sombra try to get the hack when he’s in the air preparing for his piledriver (you cancel his whole combo and escape).
Mc Cree is a bit of a nuisance because of all insta damage caused. If the team is aware it’s pretty much dead hamster, but best moments for a stun is in the air before piledriver (will cancel any possible kills he could get and make it easier for your team to shoot) or when he tries to escape like said above.
Others: Ana Sleep, Lúcio’s boop, Orisa’s Halt, Road’s hook, Ashe’s Coach Gun, Junkrat’s trap also with good timing can get a hold on him.
Combo those with a good chunk of damage or focus fire and there you go.

That’s the only thing he’s good for. If you’re against it, then we might as well remove Mercy’s Res, Lucio’s Speedboost, Rein’s shield etc.

Not to offend you, but if you’re having trouble countering Hamster (aka The biggest hitbox in the game), then you need a lot more practice.

A game that is purely designed around hero swaps to control your games. Hammond is thr least of your worries

Also, like, he is the easiest to shut down

If you are struggling with the easiest hero to kill,
You have a hard time with an actual hero

He’s a giant ball on a rope. He’s supposed to be disruptive. Shoot at him, he’s massive.

Yeah that’s probably one of the biggest problems with the game. What’s the strongest counter to some of the most CC heavy heroes in the game? More CC!

In fact part of the issue I’m noticing here is that those few heroes also have that CC combined with high mobility which shouldn’t really be a thing. Most of the less obnoxious heroes with CC have clear counterplay through keeping distance like Mei, McCree, etc. Whereas with Doomfist, Wrecking Ball, and yes Sombra too CC is just that more needed against them due to the mobility factor.

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