Dear lord Wrecking Ball is annoying

He just gets away no matter what unless you have hard CC. That’s such a lame forced counter.

Also Sym turrets don’t even slow him properly which is ultra lame.


Hardest counter = Sombra.
Next to hardest counter = Mei.
However, anything with a decent cc will do.


I know what counters him. It’s just bloody obnoxious that you need those hard disables or he walks all over your team and you literally can’t kill him.


tracer flanker= 150hp needs god aim to killthings = people loose their minds.
ball flanker= unkillable cc fest = “this is fine”


It’s what they wanted — a rock, paper, scissors game. What they don’t want is a hero that can do everything.

So much so that they came out and said if you one trick then expect to lose a third of your games.


It’s not really like that. If he’s not ccd he usually has the hog problem of being ult battery, even thru his shields…And I’m sorry you’ve experienced sym not working. Most of the time the turrets stop him dead, along with mcree, mei, hog, orisa, lucio even. The reason he’s not great is that almost anyone has a really easy way to farm value off of him and deny value he might be trying to generate himself.

In this game about counters and switching. How weird . . .


nawh i can kill things fairly fine with my averageish aim and a cat that likes cuddling.

I love him! He’s a great hero meant to cause disruption. Sounds like it’s working. Also he’s probably popping his shield when turrets start hitting which helps a bit.

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How far do you spread them out? Genuinely curious because they do slow him down.


They then said they regretted this original philosophy, now understand that people choose mains and don’t want to swap all the time, and are trying to move away from the philosophy.


Point is if an obnoxious character is only made not-obnoxious by the use of 2 of the most obnoxious characters in the game who serve as his only real answer… That’s just annoying.

Annoying annoying annoying.

This isn’t a PhD level balance discussion, this is about how bloody obnoxious Hammond is. You’re in denial if you disagree.


They also said they want heroes to have “glaring weaknesses”. It’s the main reason for example why Ana has poor mobility, poor self heal and the need for others to peel for her.

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It’s why Baptiste has low self sustain.

Also his exo boots can be a help or hinder him with snipers around.

The new characters have rather blatant weaknesses.

IDK about that, the more I play the game, the more Heroes I’m using and enjoying.

At first I was a Torbjorn main (don’t judge me, he’s awesome) , now I would safely say I’m a flex main, mostly support or tank to round out comps normally.

I think the problem ends up being people just cling steadfast to a hero or plan even if it’s not working.

“If i can just hit my ult …” etc

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Symmetra isnt annoying??

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My source on that statement.

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Doomfist just wasn’t irritating enough so they decided to re-release him as a tank.


BTW, those boots belong to Ana – a gift from her daughter. Give them back!!

The crouch/jump mechanism was one of the wishes Ana mains proposed and hoped to get when she was still a troll pick during dive.

That just goes to show you that if you forward a good idea to help a hero in need the DEVs will just as likely use that idea to build another hero. Kinda sucks.


The thing that I think is funny is when people say “BuT hAmMoNd Is A mAiN tAnK” but the only time he’s effective is if he comes in for a flying flank, piledrives, shoots a very short bit, and the runs off…

Because that’s what a “main tank” is apparently… Something that goes on crazy flanks and immediately leaves straight afterwards…


Courtyard and Snitch! :stuck_out_tongue: