De-ranked after 7-5 record

As the title states after receiving my 7th win in fewer than 15 games total at Bronze 1 (expecting to rank up to Silver) I was de-ranked to Bronze 2.

This feels like a bug at best and a comically horrible mmr system (as in it seems like I should quit as soon as I started) at worst.

The games that were won weren’t even particularly close for the most part. I played dps and was frequently at or near the top for damage output each game. So how exactly is rank determined?

Why is the system intentionally designed to be deceptive and hint suggest that wins are the end all be all in ranking and de-ranking.

De-ranking after hitting your 7th win and seeing that last green checkmark fill in completely reverses any satisfaction felt during the series of games you played during your de-rank. What is the point of trying to win if the game is going to reward you with a de-rank at the end? Why not just try to pad personal stats and count on winning 7 games before losing 20 so that you can rank up?

The only thing Overwatch has going for it over other fps games is the strategy and team synergy that is needed to win. This system just reduces players down to individual stat lines and punishes them for trying different strategies to win games.

I don’t think I’ll be playing again.