Ddos Comp kicks

During the blizzad ddos attack i had a player removed from my competative game. We ended up losing the 5v6 and lost sr. Is there anything i can do about this problem?

Avoid Competitive Play, Unfortunately Blizzard do not intervene with your stats.

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In all honesty until Blizzard realizes the error of their ways, and introduces a better server error detection code that forgives server-side disconnects and a better auto-queue system for players left behind, you will just have to avoid competitive matches.

They’re a notoriously stubborn and slow moving company when it comes to suggestions so we’ll likely have to wait until OW 2 for better reiteration of their competitive ranking system.

Actually there is a deliberate reason to why even technical malfunctions are penalized. This post goes into great detail about this:

We can agree to disagree on this one.

Server-side disconnects should result in no SR penalty. Pure and simple.

The match should auto-restart and replace the player with the next suitable player in queue. No sense in penalizing all players with an additional queue because of one person.

Technically this is not server side, this is something between each end user and Blizzard, not either end.

If a server does crash, the lobby server detects this and there is no penalty.

A few lines of code can distinguish the difference between a disconnect arising from a user-end IP or a data-centre packetloss/disconnect.

Why the game doesn’t initiate an auto-restart and an instant fill of the next player in queue is a stubborn design decision that needs to be reconsidered.

In terms of matchmaking it is technically easier and faster to requeue all players to find the best balanced match based on each individual hidden MMR (which is not just a static number like that of SR).

I feel like even if its not directly server side but it is the server disconnecting players due to ddos attacks it should end the comp game or atleast send a global message to everyone not to q for comp or anything like that just to enforce it or even shut the comp servers down if they have to until the problem is resolved

They do… there is a message right now in the BattleNet launcher. Console players see this when logging onto the game.

Feel as if it should also be in game for the people who were on before the problems started. Not everyone is spam flashing the battleNet launcher to see if a problem is happening

I closed b net app and overwatch game then applied the method and drops seemed to no longer be an issue. Not sure if this will help all but it helped me. Remove the spaces when you paste in address bar should take you to the fix i found no problem. Hope this helps! :smiley:
www. partitionwizard .com /partitionmanager /overwatch-lost-connection-to-game-server .html