Day 5 Of Overqueue

As many of you have noticed nothing has changed.


  • Error Codes
  • Missing Items & Watchpoint packs
  • Huge queue times
  • disconnections
  • ext

Blizzard has ran tons of maintenance

But they’re not…actually it’s much worse. The people who are okay with everything are literally having to server hop just to play.

3 days ago

Still no change


Yep still queues and some of the “maintenance” has made things worse.

Add noregs vs. some of the most sus aim ever in an online shooter.
There is some aim-assist/resist, odd hitbox scaling, and silent DDA at work. We suspect the DDA patent for packet prioritization is at work - favour the over/under performer for engagement. The naughty ppl get their packets accepted last and all the rest. The patents speak for themselves and they’re cringe. We need some transparency on this.

Are you on PC or console ?

Is the queue some console peasant issue or something? I haven’t seen a large queue in the past two days.

PC just like Kephrii.

had several people notice the server issues mostly related to aim, visual glitches, rubber banding, etc. it’s a mess and some accounts seem to be deliberately messed with.

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Enjoy your report

I had problems in the first 2 days. One or two disconnections the last day. But now its fine for me. I guess there’s more people playing than complaining :person_shrugging:

Schweet guess i hit the nail on the head then… I suppose that answered the question though.

You’re not going to last long. It was nice knowing you tho, not really.

Why would you expect anything to change? Remember the people “fixing” the problems are the same people who made the issues in the first place - no one should expect anything to change lol

LOL, you must be new here, but hey keep on dreaming big.

The game is working for me now since yesterday but I do understand that others are still having issues

5 days of getting in and playing games for me. Well, 4, didn’t bother yesterday. 24 on my BP, only 2 dcs. Pretty good record.

You gonna keep commenting your cringe?

As a console peasant, I can confirm it’s not the case. Been some crazy rubber-banding though, and from what I’ve seen, not just on console

Nah, don’t give this person any talk. They’re too busy bending over to present themselves.