Dallas Fuel vs. Shanghai Dragons - FINAL

May Melee Tournament


Dallas Fuel
Shanghai Dragons
LP: 2 (2-2 +2)
LP: 3 (3-1 +4)

Final Score/Map 6


WATCH LIVE: YouTubeOverwatch League

Official Forums Pick'em Top 5
(After Knockouts)
#1 NOSTALGIA 94 points
#3 JUNSEI 93 points
#2 WYOMINGMYST 91 points
#4 KEYU 90 points
#5 SICKONE 88 points
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Getting this topic up now, as I am in my commute. Will check back in an hour!

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both teams are full korean

This is the 2nd or 3rd account of this guy I think. He’s a troll and keeps getting banned.

I think he’s made this exact post in OWL threads before as well.

this is an easy win for mayhem

Looks like he was banned.

Well that was quick.

That would be impressive considering they’re not in this match :sweat_smile:


Oh… yikes um… XDDD??

Have you people seen the rumors? :eyes:

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I don’t care who wins this one, i just hope it’s entertaining.

On another note: June Joust legendary skin better be June Joust Junkrat!

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No way, give Reinhardt a spear instead of a hammer

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ik… I think hes going to the dallas fuel. If so, dallas is the best team in the league O.O

I will accept this too. XD
Imagine if both Reinhardt and Orisa get a spear!

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It would be an easy schedule for him too. Only has to play during hard Widow/Ashe metas.

I predicted 3 - 2 Dallas btw.

I didn’t predict either team in the upper finals, but I guess 3-2 Dallas.

I watched the preshow.
When the match began I noticed that the diamond “connected” icon was not present.

I had to jump through some hoops to get it.
Everyone, make sure your connected for viewership rewards.

Despite losing that fight, Fearless had the most elite juggle tech to carry Ana away from the ulting Brig to kill her in a different room. It was superb.