Daily Hero Opinion: Reaper

But he’s not because he’s really not doing too hot. We’ve had triple tank meta multiple times and he’s not picked because he’s PRETTY EASY TO KILL.

Oh great, you’re someone who uses a player that represents the .00001% as part of a debate. Please don’t bring up Spirit as while he’s a phenomenal player, he’s also stated that Reaper needs help. Yes, Shadow step can be used to position. It’s still very risky and still not really contributing to a TEAM FIGHT. Genji / Widow / Tracer technically all have abilities they can use to position. Those abilities can also be used in the middle of a fight.

(I only bring up those heroes as they’re the easiest to demonstrate, Sombra was probably a better example)


Did I ever say Reaper was in a good state? Did I ever say he didn’t need help?

You said his teleport is useful and underrated which I respectively disagreed with. I also disagree with using the top player to back up that shadow step is fine. (Which again, your comment suggests that shadow step was fine)

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He’s viable at lower ELOs up to a point. If the enemy has tanks that are making big plays and/or are being aggressive he’s very useful.
For me Reaper works if the enemy team is lacking in general game sense and is heavily uncoordinated (they trickle in, no one peeling for supports, flanking with heroes that lack mobility, etc). I usually can juggle shadowstepping around, engaging and wraithing out; repeat.

If the enemy team is a bit more clued on, then they’ll have an answer for Reaper in no time e.g. Brig will just look out for him and stun him while the team lays in to him.

His kit could definitely do with some adjustments. Shadowstep is far too visible. Almost asking for a headshot like McCree High Noon. lol


He just need his teleport improved, he is already OP in lower ranks.

Reaper is underpowered, but to me it’s not a simple as a matter of buffing his damage, or removing the way armor affects him, he’s too much unversatile in most situations, Wraith form is a stale ability that could use more interaction(Maybe obscure the area 5-10m around Reaper, making less predictable where he will undo his wraith form, just a random idea). His E needs to work better and an alternate fire can help.

Now, on a side note: Reaper being bad IS NOT a valid motive to nerf Roadhog, Junkrat, Brigg or anyone else that’s can excel in close combat, Reaper needs to be good in his own way, not nerf everything else.

Sorry, let me quote myself.

I said this in my very first post on the topic.

And I disagreed with you. Literally that’s it.

No ability in this game is useless, which is what you’re trying to say.
I used Spirit to justify my beliefs that while Shadowstep is down there with some of the worst abilities in the game, it has its uses.

Cough sym’s old 25 shield E ability cough.

Edit: To me, Reaper’s E is pretty useless at high ranks. It’s a glorified way to get out of spawn. Spirit is great, but everything he can do with Reaper I feel a decent Sombra / Tracer / (Even Hanzo?) could do just on character design.

Reaper NEEDS to be able to use BOTH skills offensively AND defensively, just like tracer and genji, so buffs/reworks should be done :

  • Wraith form Suggestion 1: Make it like a resource meter (dva matrix) with 1sec internal CD and no shooting allowed, max 4 sec, slow loading time.
  • Wraith form suggestion 2 : Make it cancellable, rest of the CD reduced per uptime not used. (this was done)
  • Shadow Step : No casting time, keep sound queue, make it like Fade from Moira but visible. Improve the targetting, Reaper receives 50% less damage when materializing again
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My opinion of reaper, why do people even call him a tank buster, he’s no more a tank buster than tracer is imo actually tracer might be even better since she can easily get into range unlike reaper, so why is reaper given the title tank buster? Did the devs say he was supposed to be a tank buster? Or is it a community title? Personally I don’t think he’s a tank buster, that’s my opinion, for the next one I suggest Bastion.

No buffs pls, Reaper is too OP right now. His ult is an easy team wipe

Gr8 b8 m8 got emmmmm


They are both members of the Council yes, but ultimately it is Akande that makes a majority of goals behind the organization.

Yeah that’s true

Also to everyone who follows Daily Hero Opinion. Here is an announcement about how Daily Hero Opinion will work:

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Still waiting for them to explain to us what Reaper was doing in the Christmas Comic.

The huge disregard to lore in this game is pretty disappointing. I mean, because its a Blizzard Game I had high expectation of lore because Diablo and original Warcraft lore was heckin’ great.


Many other heroes got improvments also in the current PTR. Reaper will will not keep up anymore, soon