D.Va needs a rework


If I eat an ult, I feel like its the person who threw it in my directions fault more than my own, they should just be lucky I wasnt on Genji!


The problem is that most of her counters are unviable. I also forgot reaper as a theoretically generalist counter, but that’s honestly me just forgetting that he exists because he’s bad. D.Va’s biggest stake in hog v d.va is peeling for other heroes but being hooked herself is very dangerous even with the lower damage.
I suppose we’ll see.

Most are about equal. D.Va boasts several niche and map-related ones as well as 3 generalist counters plus Hanzo to an extent, two of which are just bad. D.Va also has unique weaknesses inherent in her kit, including her center mass crit box and high vulnerability to heavy staggering, which are exploitable by pretty much any hero on the roster.

I’d love to have the chance to actually have a reason to get good at hog and Hammond. D.Va and Zarya pretty much cover my off tank bases.

And its depleted meter has to be timed perfectly to catch projectile ultimates, and will be ineffective vs the many channeled ultimates.

This has bigger ramifications than I think people think. It makes her an even bigger ult battery and discourages using short bursts of DM-feathering (well, what you can do with its current cooldown at least) in lieu of holding it down, which is already suboptimal play. This also lowers her skill ceiling.


You must have missed the season where D.va was fighting Moira in every tier (except bronze but pls) for that #1 pickrate spot.


D.Va has always had a very high pickrate. And Moira isn’t exactly OP… At all. So idk how this makes a case for anything. And if she was competing with Moira, that means it wasn’t her broken 400A 200H 4 second DM iteration


I don’t think any team “needs” d.va to win. However, I’d love Self-Destruct on E.


Thank you for making a very obvious statement. I too, am aware of this.
it was from March 6th, I believe these were the statistics after her missiles got a nerf, but could have been the season before that.
Trickle down meta isn't real, so you can see.


Also still not sure what your point was at all.


Again, I’m just trying to understand why you might have brought this up. That she’s oppressive now? That she was ever as OP as mercy? I’m just wondering fam


Do we need to balance a game around 0.0000000001% of the playerbase?


Fam, Most picked in every tier means she works in every situation pretty much regardless of skill or comp.


Give sombra nerfs pls

That is not the cut and dry rule at all. Especially in lower ranks.
This also doesn’t make her oppressive; it makes her a generalist


If you won’t provide stats to back yourself, there’s no point furthering this with you.
My post was initially about how D.va and by extent Moira, was where Mercy once was in terms of pickrate across the board. If you don’t like the data I provided from Kaplan himself, then that’s not on me.
Hope you find what you’re looking for someday x.


But they were never remotely as oppressive (and Moira was never especially good) as mercy. Yes, D.Va had a higher pickrate once. I don’t particularly feel anything towards your stats. I’m not denying them. Like, I’m not trying to be rude and I’m just trying to understand why you’d reply this to a statement saying D.Va doesn’t feel oppressive as I inferred you were implying she’s oppressive. Sorry if that wasn’t your reason. Thanks for the… Tone, I guess. have a good night, then.



Instead of asking to ruin heroes that are fine, instead, ask to fix actually broken or half-baked heroes.

I can only see this topic and in-favor responses as an attempt to make some joke or to include D.Va in all the “x needs y” topics.


At this point if we do get d.va 7.0 we better get a new animated short showing how it happened!!!


Why should we balance around a hand full of players and ruin a hero for the other 99%? Dva is totally fine right now.


D.va being a generalist and having the ability to work in every comp is the exact reason she should NOT be nerfed. D.VA is the tank answer to Tracer in DPS and Zen in Support. Characters that balance evolves around but shouldnt really need to be touched.

Shes just finely tuned (not overtuned) in comparison to tanks like Rein who because of their playstyle and/or bugs they are not always effective.


Y’all leave D.va alone.


…and people were complaining that everyone DPS and noone tanks :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


because dva is an off tank

off tank is short for offensive tank as explained in the 2nd definition below. the DM comment is a nice meme i like it.

causing someone to feel deeply hurt, upset, or angry.
“the allegations made are deeply offensive to us”
synonyms: insulting, insolent, derogatory, disrespectful, hurtful, wounding, abusive; More
actively aggressive; attacking.
“offensive operations against the insurgents”
synonyms: hostile, attacking, aggressive, invading, incursive, combative, belligerent, on the attack
“an offensive air strike”