D.va is below 50% win rate in ladder

Her overall WR always fluctuates around 50%, even in the 6 months period.


It really doesn’t, though, partly because of the number of champions vs. the number heroes, partly because of the sharp differentiation in hero role in Overwatch, partly because of the possibility of mirror matches.

An out of control overpowered hero in overwatch will have almost exactly a 50% win rate… because they will be picked on both teams in almost every match.

On the other hand, very weak heroes often have extremely high win rates, at least in high rank, because only dedicated specialists use them at all.

It’s really impossible to say anything meaningful about hero strength without looking at both pick and win rate, and it’s extremely difficult to compare across classes.

That said, D.va is 2nd from last among tanks in pick and win rate in diamond and master, and is only middle of the pack in grandmaster (3rd of 7 in win, 4th of 7 in pick).

That suggests to me that she’s doing quite poorly at high skill levels, until you get to the level where GOATS is a viable option, but its possible there’s some other D.Va comp that grandmasters can carry off that the other ranks can’t.

At lower ranks, D.Va’s doing okay. Her mobility probably helps her take advantage of badly positioned players, as well as giving an escape for equally badly positioned players who are playing her.


No point posting about D.Va balance on these forums. D.Va was nerfed because of her high pickrate in Plat and below which is the primary userbase of this forum - people here love the nerf.

It doesn’t matter if she’s trash in high ranks now, people here will still throw their ults into DM and blame anyone but themselves.


As far as I remember, Reinhardt had a higher winrate than D.Va ever since Dive died, and D.Va received 4 direct nerfs since then.

I doubt she’s getting mirrored much, with her 3.7% pickrate. That’s something you can expect of a hero at >10%, like Ana or Orisa in higher tiers.

Ana is mirrored most matches, D.Va isn’t.

Is that supposed to be a good thing ? Is Reaper fine because he works in lower tiers ?


I’m pretty sure D.Va was nerfed (cooldown nerf, plus the game-wide armor and boop changes) because of GOATS.

Probably her D.M. range was nerfed simply because a 15m DM was giving them problems with the graphics, and maybe also because of GOATS. Certainly most players at low Elo didn’t understand her range well enough to make proper use of the extra 5m anyway except by accident.

If they nerfed her because of GOATs, they haven’t been paying much attention.
D.Va is the least essential hero in GOATs. Pros will simply put Sombra in her spot.

As for nerfing the range for graphics reasons, that’s just lazy.


It’s just an observation about her performance at low ranks, according to the data we have, to go along with my observations about her performance at other ranks.

I can’t argue with any of that.

Still, I believe that’s exactly what happened.

Lol the hero that counters Graviton Surge (the defining ult in the composition), the hero that contests high ground in the comp, she is not the must pick in the comp, but she is the perfect “band aid” in any comp.

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I think Tracer will be Lower. Too fast to cry

Yeah but lower tiers aren’t interesting to judge balance. The best DPS in Bronze are Junkrat and Reaper. Everyone will tell you they’re underpowered.
She doesn’t even get the treat to be at the top in winrate. Reaper is Top 5 in Bronze. She’s middle of the pack.

Countering Grav less than 50% of the time and contesting high ground for 3s is not as useful as you may think.
Pros played her because they needed a third tank. Now they play Sombra as the third tank.


Dont forget when DVA is used we never saw double sniper or Pharah win in a game.
Now we definitly have more DPS

D.Va wasn’t used when Double Sniper was meta. D.Va was never used when Grav/Dragon existed. Yet she’s supposed to counter those.
We don’t see much DPS because Hanzo and Widow erase them before the teamfight begins. The surge we saw last week is already going back down.
The only notable DPS are Pharah and Widow. The second because of the first.


They play Sombra because she is the best hero with a coordinated team, also eating 1 of 2 gravs per game is huge, since Zarya takes too long to get ult.

Also if they just wanted a 3rd tank why we never saw Orisa? Oh lack of mobility, Hammond? Lack of team protection, they did used Winston but replacing Rein wich DVa never did.

It is because Dva is used less than Sombra and that is one big Umbrella removed from the game.
If that DM and DVA killing Ranged hero was useless GOATS would have been gone away much faster by 4dps

Gm generally need 55-60%+ since that’s what you need to stay in it.

Sombra needs coordination to be good, but she is not “the best” hero with a coordinated team.

Zarya doesn’t take that long to get her ult in OWL. She’s the main damage dealer and everyone is clumped up, so alt fire brings her lots of charge.
In Stage 1, she got 4.85 ults per 10 minutes. Which was around what Zen (4.8), Sombra (4.86) and Brig (4.88) got. Way more than D.Va (3.15).

Because multiple main tanks are bad 9 times out of 10. We have three off-tanks, one is mandatory (Zarya), one is an inconsistent DPS with no protection (Roadhog).

If that was the case, DPS usage wouldn’t have fallen that quick.
Only Pharah stays because the map pool has both Numbani and Gibraltar, and WIdow to counter her.


I stopped playing D.va when they stripped her armor away. And I have no plans to pick the hero up. Which is sad because she couldn’t tank anymore. Sure, they gave her burst damage but how can you burst when your mech gets stripped away so quickly?


It’s fairly meaningful if a hero is top of pick-rate/win-rate in low rank, e.g. 50% lifesteal reaper. It generally indicates that they are over-tuned on a part of their kit that has little to no skill requirement.

D.Va is not in an interesting position in low ranks right now, but I was analyzing her performance across ranks, so I mentioned where she was in low ranks. That’s all.

Close to 50% is, by definition, balanced. I’m not seeing a problem here with the 0.03% imbalance here.