D.va is below 50% win rate in ladder

Finally happened, her winrate hit below 50%

Thanks to the “balance” team for taking a balanced hero and turning her into trash F- tier.


This will have a huge impact on tank mains. I could care less that your DPS heroes have X win rate because I dont play DPS, I only play tank.

Most other dva mains are in the same boat.

Now tank mains only have road hog/ orisa as their picks, and maybe reinhardt if you have a mei/sombra that knows how to protect the main tank.


DPS mains have a whole boat load of options, even healer mains have more options.


what is an acceptable win rate

I honestly ask because I never have full understanding of these stats


I was a DVA one trick, then main, then part timer, now I insta lock Mei and leave voice chat.


52% win rate is considered good for competitive. Anything below that is bad in most cases.


50% is a balanced winrate…so D.Va is balanced instead of being the best Tank besides Reinhartd? Good.


Upper ranks tend to have a higher than 50% win rate. D.Va has consistently been in the bottom 1/3 in diamond+ for months, and even before the nerfs had just at half Roadhog’s pickrate. Before Roadhog became popular Zarya was picked more and won more than her. It has been about a year since D.Va has been the most picked off-tank.


50% is not balanced for competitive ladder. 52% is the minimum.


maybe shes just, you know “situational” and that “doesnt mean shes bad”


masters is at a 49% win rate

grand masters is at a 52%

this is because people at GM tend to run 3 man comps and work together daily with their friends which is the kind of thing dva needs to thrive.

But in solo que she is useless.


Team 1 D.va vs Team 2 D.va.
Team 1 wins = 100% win rate
Team 2 lose= - 50% win rate

D.va leaves the match with 50% win rate.



It’s the third time you’re making this post in two weeks, get over it.

And you don’t even seem to know what you’re talking about, you can only duo or solo in GM now.


you can run as a 3 stack in GM, which was what was announced last.

if you have proof otherwise would love to see it.

cool story bro thanks for the info

“Oh no my main is not a must pick anymore for two weeks now so I have to complain”


Wait until 2-2-2 happens and her pick rate plummets, her win rate drops, and after 4 months of that, people go back to her S1 status is “throw pick”.

The restriction was to groups no larger than 2. The announcement is here.


She’s very weak now. She went from being the champ dive tank, to a dive glass cannon, to just glass.


Where did this assertion come from?

Is Ana underpowered? She’s at 49% overall, right with dva

are sym and Torbjörn overpowered? Theyre one of the absolute highest.

What about Briggs? She’s almost at 54% overall- and unlike most heroes who have low win rates down low and high win rates up high and have an overall somewhere in the middle- she’s basically this number across all ranks. That must be monstrously overpowered right?

So we need to buff dva. Buff Ana. Nerf Briggs more. Nerf sym. Nerf torb.

Just trying to understand how all this works.



its almost like high skill heroes don’t have high winrates because most people aren’t good enough play them properly

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thats how they rank champs over at LOL which makes sense if you think about it. OW is also a moba so the same would apply.

Brigg is weak in a 2-2-2 comp your going to see her win rate plummet once stage 4 hits the scene.

But in the case of Ana, the answer is that she is a high skilled hero. Those types tend to have low win rates for people that dont main them. But for those who do main them they tend to have high win rates.

But thats also hard to say because unlike HOTS, we dont have that sort of data to see how heroes perform on a “WR based on hours played”.