D.Va has been a must pick for months. These nerfs are justified


Genji - Getting Nerfed
DVa - Nerfed
Tracer - Still waiting
Winston - Wont need one, once DVa usage falls.

You are delusional if you think these Damage nerfs are a bad thing. Unfathomably biased.


Tracer won’t recieve any nerfs. She has her individual balance unlike the rest of the heroes whose nerfs and buffs are meta dependent.


She will be nerfed. It will, just like DVa, become too obvious to ignore.


Nerfing the ones you consider op but are actually very skill dependent is wrong. Stop whining about her and git gud at mind plays which are the way to outplay Tracers.


I was okay with the slight nerf on missiles.
The Boosters nerf is too much though. They’re nerfing the most balanced part of her kit for no reason.
Genji is getting nerfed ? Since when ? AFAIK he’s only getting small fixes on Deflect (which are needed).
Winston has been carrying Dive since Day One. His usage won’t go down because D.Va was nerfed. Just swap Zarya at D.Va’s spot and Dive still works.


Yes very obvious that Tracer is dominating the tiers that 95% of the players play at.


low tiers don’t use tracer because they’re bad at tracer. that doesn’t make her a bad hero and blizzard shouldnt balance heroes around people who don’t know how to use them.


Is diamond low tier? She’s still behind a few DPS there and barely cracking into the top 10.


comparatively, yes, and I say that as a diamond player

diamond games bear little to no resemblence to GM/t500 games


And now is time to be troll pick for months.

The changes will do either nothing or will ruin her completely.


Above diamond is only 5% of players. If you think you have to be the top 5% at something to be considered good, that’s a pretty rough definition. That’d be like saying you don’t make much money unless you make $200k a year.


Was she ever a must pick in the first place?

Either way, even with these nerfs her viability is still strong as before.


No, she wasn’t a must pick, in that if the enemy had her, you didn’t need her yourself.
She was picked a lot, but it should be expected from the one and only mobile off-tank, when mobility is so strong in this game.


The top end players, it is impacting them. Just like DM Bot DVa and Sombra. Just wait for them to get sick of Tracer being the decider in matches.


Because Genji isn’t the only good dps. There are many dps that fit in many situations. Genji fits in EVERY situation though. For asking other tanks to change to D.Va, the answer is obvious. Other tanks are all situational. D.Va, least situational of them all.


It was actually a combination of DPS mains hating dealing with DM and Dva mains hating the idea of being tank, going so far as to claim she’s a, and I quote because this term was used everywhere, “DM bot.”

So Blizzard kind of got the message, “we don’t like DM,” complete with not one, but TWO reasons for why it should be reduced/removed and replaced with something else. Thus we got micro-missiles.

Now they’re nerfing the alpha strike potential those missiles provided and people are flipping out.


It’s very convenient when you can choose when high pickrate =/= must pick or overpowered. Heck, people still claim Mercy is a must pick and overpowered just because she still has a high pickrate. Well, it must be true then, so pray that D:va gets a terrible pick-rate now, or she might experience the nerf hammer, like having her booster thrust cut in half and her damage lowered to half.


From my perspective, it seems like they don’t want Dva to be able to dive a lone target as easily, which I guess is fine. I don’t think this will effect her pick rate or even have a tangible effect on her win rate.

With that said, what exactly do they want Dva to do? Roadhog seems like a much better choice for peel unless Dva’s mobility is required. She’s just a very confusing hero.


Mercy is nothing further but a solid healer pick now. Besides the annoyance of slow and very punishable rez ability, she’s way more balanced than she was when her rework was first announced. She’s not as strong as she was when Valk lasted 20 secs but isn’t weak either. D.Va is just an entire misconception for the community and the devs themselves (not talking bout lore tho). They didn’t decide on their own the direction they want to take the game to, so they just add a ton of cc with nonsense cd and make some really unneeded buffs or nerfs, or they completely change ults and the ult meter thingy after over a year that the game was like it was, and it actually wad way more fun before the ult meter changes. Now the game is suffering from its own creators ruining it and make some really dumb decisions bout the game.


95% pick rate in owl is about as must pick as you can get.