D.va and Zenyatta nerfed


WHAt were the nerfs?


Maybe. But people were saying they wouldn’t get any at all ever. I just find it interesting.


Anyone gonna fill the rest of us in?


Doesn’t seem enough of a nerf for zen and Dva tho, zen still OP with spamming alt fire and D’va nothing changed


Sorry, here’s the link. I’ll edit it in the OP

h ttps://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/overwatch/t/overwatch-ptr-patch-notes-march-24-2018/42826/3


i need 20 characters


Not too much of a nerf for Zen … at least for me. I always used his primary way more than his secondary, as I think people should.


High level players use Zen’s secondary more. They always keep it charged and ready. No one really asked for a Zen nerf, so I imagine this feedback came from the OWL players.


Nice a Zen and DVA, nerf nice to see them target actually problems rather than targets of public outcry.


they should not touch DVA…
should wait a bit more, because of the new hero brig.


The explosive damage only makes D.Va weaker at dealing damage to multiple targets with the missiles, she can still destroy squishies.


…and tracer is untouched.


I wish they’d have increased the downtime inbetween right clicks instead of reducing how tight the volley is.


well, zen does have great stats even on lower ranks. I’m sure he’s monster in higher tiers and pro games.


Is anyone else getting a 14GB PTR download right now?


u really expect a tracer nerf?
the official thinks Brig can handle tracer… enough for now.


I thought nobody used the missiles for splash since it was so insignificant? Missiles + Primary Fire + Boop was used on single targets most of the time no?


Well my only issue is really this makes her weaker against a Biotic Fielding Soldier 76 or gaining ultimate charge from a distance.

It’s not going to make as a significant change as is probably needed, and still doesn’t resolve the issue of her being a DPS and not a Tank.


She probably recalls all nerfs anyway.


Pretty much. This is less a nerf than a intendednuse change. Single target yes. Spam group no.