Ctf should be in comp

I honestly didnt know people disliked it so much until i made this post lol


shouldve been on the forums after its release on the first lunar new year. Havent seen that much upsetness until brig

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You know they completely revamped the game mode last year, though, right? It plays very differently than the one released during the first LNY event.

all i care about is if the gamemodes garbage, and it was still garbage last lunar. Like prechange 2cp was better

omg dude that was a good laugh

Yeah i didnt play overwatch back then plus i dont go on the forums a heap

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CTF comp was cancer, and putting it as an official mode in comp will be no exception. Also, I hate this mode so much.

I think the CTF competitive was an experiment to add something new to the Comp and even qp roster. I know some people like it; but i guess their data didn’t pointed to be a viable option.

It probably didn’t help its reputation that they released the new changes that allowed Lucio to wallride with the flag. Pretty much ever Lucio main shot up to top 500 because they would just ride around the outskirts of the maps at 500mph and nearly unkillable :slight_smile:

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That was always such an annoying exploit. If nothing else, just having to listen to “Flag dropped, flag taken, flag dropped, flag taken” for the entire match would just grind at me. It definitely would’ve been nice if they added a short delay on drop/pickup or something else to fix that, but I guess some people considered it a skill mechanic or something.

it should, if they reworked the maps… check real CTF games…like unreal tournament and quake…and their maps. ow ctf maps are laughable and an embarrassment

It was a pretty big blunder to not reset the Top 500 board because of this.

But the biggest issue is Blizzard trying to reinvent the wheel… there are functional CTF gametypes that they don’t want to mirror and they want to make their own homebrew version of it.

Even when they have all of the necessary parts, like Deathmatch’s respawn system, they don’t want to implement it and want to stick to the spawn room long hallway walk and setting up a wall of defenses, when CTF historically only works that way in large open vehicular settings or low gravity gimmicks.

Most other CTF matches are exciting because they aren’t long drawn out affairs. Make it fast paced, and cut out the long walks and it becomes fun again.

It wasn’t an exploit, it was a cognitive decision from MLG’s end when the created the game mode.

The flag carrier moved at 90% base speed. MLG gametypes move at 110% base movespeed by default.

They encouraged players to juggle it so that they could still participate in team fights and also throw it across maps with man cannons and platforms.

It also made for intense moments in tie games, where a flag carrier would die on the capture platform a foot away from scoring, and your team scrambles to pick it up and reset the revert timer.

In normal Halo CTF modes, it didn’t do anything except give away your position. The default movespeed applies to both flag carriers and normal players.

Later Halo games made it so the announcer goes on cooldown, and then later limited it to Pistols with no dropping allowed.

Perhaps, though TBH the way overwatch plays is distinctly different from many other FPS games. In my own opinion, as someone who very much enjoys and plays countless hours of CTF in OW (both the old and new versions) the ruleset you describe above sounds pretty awful. But IDK, maybe more people would like that.

CTF favors some heroes much more then others,also there are some broken combos like Zen ult + roadhog + Lucio. that literally cannot be stopped because the hog will never die,and will get back to his side of the map really fast because of speed boost.

The speed thing might have been variation specific. Everyone did the bunny flag thing anyway, though, mostly because it ensured the flag would get farther if the carrier died. It seems odd that they would intentionally encourage it further for MLG.

But yeah, the later games normalizing it was definitely an improvement.

Maybe not specifically CTF - but new gamemodes would be MUCH appreciated.


Then 2cp will no longer be the worst mode in the game.

CTF is so bad that I don’t even know why they gave it a go on the first place.

Halo had a lot of elements completely stolen and used in Overwatch.

Armor abilities and equipment were kind of the precursor to ultimates/regular abilities, and Halo found a proper balance in their game mode. MLG rulesets transformed it into a hyper competitive variant that works for team-oriented objective based play.

I can see the MLG CTF gametype being wildly successful in Overwatch’s insane movement, because I’ve literally tested it out myself with Forge for Halo. MLG ruleset with additions like low gravity, fast movespeed, double damage powerups…

I’m confident it would be a success. I wish we had map tools to experiment with, because I’d make it.

CTF is my favorite mode. This incarnation is better than what it use to be. I don’t like that we’re only given 5 arcade modes. One is always mystery heroes. One is usually a death match or FFA. Personally I wouldn’t mind a longer queue to play something I enjoy than waiting for CTF every two weeks.

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