Crashing leading to suspension?

Hi there,

I have intermittent crashing. Sometimes I can go days without a crash, sometimes I crash 3-4 times a session.

This happened recently, where I crashed, rejoined the game, immediately crashed again, went back to rejoin and my account was suspended for 7+ hours.

Not entirely sure what to do here, save trying to upgrade memory/SSD on my machine to see if that stops the random crashes.

Any advice from Blizz on this?

I understand the need to punish people who leave, but feel free to look at my profile. I suspect that less then 1% of my playtime is from leaving. I don’t leave matches unless my PC crashes.

Not Blizz, just a volunteer. All leaves count the same. A disconnect, a crash, and an intentional leave are all technically identified in the same way: you leave the match.

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