Could you give us a hint about the mysterious person you're looking at alongside Symmetra?

You guys said you were focused on Symmetra right now and that Torbjörn wasn’t on the immediate horizon, but you also mentioned that you guys were working on someone else!

Can you at least tell us if its something to do with a current hero or new one?

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No? They’ll release details on their heroes when they inevitably leak them or do events like they did for Sombra. Asking for it isn’t going to make them any faster.

I’m not saying it will make them go faster or anything like that, I’m asking for a hint as to whether they were talking about a hero we have already possibly getting reworked or if it will be a new hero

They released something fairly recently that they are still in the “brainstorming” phase, so they might not know for sure what they are doing yet.

Try to make the title more appealing xD
That way people will be wondering what you are talking about and won’t read the thread :confused:

From what I understand that was about the symmetra rework, it was posted on March 14th right?

The thing I’m talking about was posted on March 30th

I’m guessing a new hero, they don’t usually surprise us with reworks or buffs.

Wasn’t the Sombra buffs only not a surprise because some of it accidentally leaked to the live game though?

Aaaand I misread the post. Still, Blizz doesn’t give hints.

Who knows they might be feeling generous, doesn’t hurt to try!

To be fair Jeff has replied fairly often to threads related to Hanzo reworks. There is a chance they’ll reveal who that “someone else” is.

About that post, I like to think it’s Reinhardt, since a major Earthshatter-related bug fix (which also affects Doomfist’s Seismic Slam) was announced. Despite what Overbuff currently suggests, the guy is in a terrific state right now.

Or Jeff might just be teasing hero 28, although at that point he’d be stating the obvious. There is no doubt hero 28 and potentially 29 are being worked on as we speak. Doomfist was around when Orisa was being tested internally.

Ooh I hope its something to do with rein the old man needs some love!

I mean they’ve pretty much always got to be working on a new hero in order to release one every 3-4 months. So I’d bet a whole dollar that that’s who he was referring to.

Depending on how many characters they decide to rework they might not focus on a character since with all the new rework its practically a bunch of new ones but a new hero would be exciting too! Hopefully something that the higher skilled players that like challenges can enjoy

arent they doing Hanzo as well?

Yes but besides visuals he’s essentially finished and will be going on the pre sometime in the next month no exact time it could be the same time the Venice map goes on the ptr

He would still fall under the someone else category. Its like a clickbait youtube link. its vaguely correct but will draw a lot of attention to the game.

I’m betting it’s Ana.

They said they had ideas for her, and as far as I can tell everyone on Jeff’s list of imbalanced heroes is accounted for, right? Ana is the main hero left with serious design issues which’ll need more thinking than just number tweaking.