Could a Single Rez be on Ult?

Nope. She was underpowered.

Well as long as it isn’t hiding, what seems to be the problem? They are absorbing ultimates meaning once Mercy uses Resurrect her team already has an ult economy advantage. Also, absorbing ultimates is generally a good thing to do even without Resurrect. It puts your team in an advantageous situation for the next team fight.


Okay but what if you could charge up more than one. Like cap your Rez charges at two or three? Maybe it like takes a little longer to charge each additional rez.

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Please this, one single rez thats instant in exchange for losing everything else and keeping 50hps is a terrible idea. If shes going to have an instant solo rez with so many drawbacks I think she should atleast be able to charge it to a 3man rez. BUT If she uses it to rez 1 person it takes all her stacks

edit: OH and no Valkyrie, I really just dont ever want to see that ability again.

That’s exactly what it was.

Does it not seem unfair for possibly up to three ults, which you have been painstakingly charging for the entire match and then set up an engagement that enabled their use, to be deleted by a button press that charges as fast as any one of those ults with less counterplay than Supercharger?

I like Valkyrie. It just needs buffed.

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Using 3 ultimates at once is completely stupid and bad gameplay. In a way, mass Ressurect discouraged bad gameplay and promoted good gameplay. Also, if a team uses 3 ultimates at once, they should feel bad about themselves.


Just a rapidly charging single rez could be a bit underwhelming. My main position is when it comes to how rez operates as a mechanic in this game that is should be 1 button press = 1 person rezzed. I’m down to consider anything that adheres to that.

An interesting article but I will direct you to this part specifically:

Mercy removes herself from the fight in order to preserve herself. This is hiding, no matter how small it is in time.
You assume I mean Mercy is in no way part of the fight. No. She simply hides herself away when her team is about to die.
And, call me crazy, the article in question mentions the free ult-charge for the enemy “2000-3000” for simply letting the team die. Prolonging that stay would generate MORE charge as there is more health to chew through. It does not bring mention to this.

As does single Ressurect. It promotes taking out the healers first lest an important target be revived and going in together rather than alone so you can remove more than one target. Would you call that bad gameplay?

Also I said “up to 3”. I do also recall a point in the OWL on Dorado Final point where 3 ults were used. Grav, High Noon(?), Blizzard. It was the Valiant on Offense I think? I don’t remember who was on defense though and I may be misremembering the whole thing.

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That’s not “Hide n Res”… That’s called common sense. Also, most other heroes do this. I mean, most of the time, you don’t see a Zen running towards an enemy team thats about to use ultimates.

Sorry but that’s not “Hide n Res”.

Go to the thread and reply to it then, asking about it.

Okay? I’m specifically talking about ult stacking.

Same as mass Resurrect but it was even more important to kill the Mercy because mass Resurrect ressed multiple allies and not just one.

Just because it was done in the OWL, does not make it good. Ult stacking is bad gameplay.

The difference is when Mercy does it she can then come back and undo her team mates deaths. No one else can. Ofc it’s common sense to stay alive in the face of ult storms for everyone.

Welll if it wasn’t a reason stated by Blizzard, I have no reason to believe or acknowledge that it is a bad thing when done by Mercy.

“But the goal was to lessen the impact of resurrect overall on the game, and then also change Mercy’s play style so it was never wrong for Mercy to heal her teammates. We felt like we were in a situation — we had created a mechanic where a lot of times the correct thing for Mercy to do was stop healing, disengage, protect herself, and then res en masse. That was more effective than her going out and single-target healing one person. We felt like that was kind of broken gameplay…”

That’s from that venturebeat interview Aria made the video about so I’m sure you saw it.

This is the problematic element of 1 button press = 1-5 people being rezzed. This contradiction to the hero, the role, and the design of the game, is removed when rez takes place on a 1 button press = 1 person rezzed mechanic.

Yes. Single rez should be the ult.
Valk should be an abillity.

That way she would work like the other healers.
Normal healing with a healing boost as an abillity (amp it up, grenade, orb)
And a ult that isn’t op nor boring.

Okay but how exactly is Mercy’s heals going to protect her team from incoming ultimates? :face_with_monocle: A Mercy sustains her team until she can no longer do so.

While Quest, here, has made a very strong point with evidence this was the philosophy of the developers (Something neither of us could really provide) I’m going to back out of this now so neither of us say something we’ll regret.
Have a nice day! :grin:

Her healing alone isn’t supposed to. That’d be broken.

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I need to use that in the future. :+1:

I honestly don’t understand that… If you are about to get wiped, the best course of action would be to disengage from the fight… Not stick around and try to heal your entire team with 60HP/s… Also, how is it broken? XC Can you explain that for me.

So rez on a resource meter.

Sounds like a worse version of Ana’s nade or Moira’s orb.