Cool people being nice and positive about sexuality

No I’m a tanky boi and Baptiste is pretty cool every now and then :sunglasses:

idk personally haven’t seen this in a match myself. I do watch some gay streamers tho and people will insult them for their sexuality in matches. but most people aren’t streamers, so idk.


You would not believe the things i’ve seen…

Oh god…
Tell me all of it!

If only that worked the other way around…

First you’ll need to know of the Bastion of these forums…

[💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored]

I still remember it like it was yesterday… constant arguments, numbers being crunched, and even more constant attacks from all sides.

Those were the days.

And yes, that IS 20K posts.

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Oh that sucks man. Never seen discrimination but I’m sure it’ll happen

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I personally don’t care. Most of the time it’s just people having fun instead of seriously suggesting that it’s the legitimate reason we’re going to win. I see it no different from “Oh we have X number of nationality Y, we’re totally gonna win!” or “We’re all drunk, guaranteed win!” stuff. I think you’re taking some silly banter way too seriously.


Jesus H. Christ 20 heckin thousand. How?

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Never seen this on the EU server, but it seems like you can just ignore it and move on

I’ve heard much worse things from people lol

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This just sounds like an inside joke you aren’t in on.

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We tore Bastion apart and put it back together more times than I could count…

We redesigned the hero from the ground up, a few times…

We did the Dev’s work for them, basically… all unheard, and all disregarded…

So there it sits, auto locked for having surpassed 20 thousand posts made.

And it was the second attempt at the thread.


still here, after all these years

that’s some dedication you have lol


I guess. I’m just talking about my own personal experience with these trolls that seem to think picking the gay joke is funnier than the drunk one. Not that its a joke at gay peoples expense but that it seems to be a popular choice

In my world people still use gay as insult, so I applaud those taking the curse off of it.

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Lmfao u did a good job soldier


Oh don’t think that i’m not still fighting.

There’s a reason for my post count… and that reason is getting Bastion fixed.


Seemingly so. It sucks being left out :frowning:

That’s not what an incel is but sure.

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I was boutta say he’s still broken - good progress tho :slight_smile: