Console specific problems- Any updates?

There’s Overwatch on consoles?!


I’d like some proof on that, while i know hacked consoles are capable of loading cheats it is very very risky to play online with a hacked system let alone actually cheat in an online game. Once they’re caught that console is permanently banned from online services and most people aren’t willing to spend a few hundred $ each time they get banned to cheat again. The extremely rare one off chance you run into a real cheater on consoles doesn’t compare to the daily basis i see them on PC lol

I found something that works for me (at least on Xbox). When you find your voice chat isn’t working, click the Xbox button, go to the Profile & system tab, go to audio and turn the headset mic option off and then on again.

It’s also been a problem on PS4, where you’re forced out of voice chat either permanently or it takes several minutes to load into voice chat and you literally can’t do anything about it but wait

I have no clue how they did it on Overwatch, but I know how people cheat on games like Borderlands. hacked Hard-drives usually. I doubt it was a modded console, but Plugging in a USB stick with hacked software maybe. I have no clue how hacking works though.

Also, I have tried to post it before, but the clip was from so long ago, it was back when I had bronze border (I am nearly plat border now). The video I took (record past 30 seconds or so) has been corrupted. I can still watch it, but I can’t upload it to my instagram, I can’t share it (If people went back to the far reaches of my recordings, they might be able to see it, but idk.

Also, Rip to you with cheaters.

No, we are still in voice chat, it just doesnt work. when it first happened to me, I could hear my teammates, but I couldnt talk, so I thought I got comm banned for some reason. then I found a post about it.

Nope - there is a literal glitch that doesn’t let you into the voice chat even though it says that you are - you can’t hear anyone and they can’t hear you

Holy st** is that a thing ? I thought I was me ?
How do you fix it and I’ll tell you how i do

Is this a thing ?!?!

Fix for xbox com issue : reset via restart and then pair mic before controller
Sucks and time consuming but works!
Much love caps

they’ve explained that they consider it to be cheating but there’s no way to detect and therefore no way to enforce, hence why we’re not supposed to report ximmers even though 100% there’s a good number of them especially in top500

You need to pay for the “family” subscription to access online on multiple accounts. It’s basically just paying more money per month…

Considering the competitive scene on Switch is very small, I doubt there’s going to many (if any) people smurfing.

When you find your voice chat isn’t working, click the Xbox button, go to the Profile & system tab, go to audio and turn the headset mic option off and then on again.

A while ago now Jeff acknowledged that keyboard and mouse use on console is considered an unfair advantage by Blizzard (and, according to their reporting system, anything that gives an unfair advantage is cheating) and that they were looking into a way to detect and ban keyboard and mouse use on console; however, there’s been no recent updates to that situation.

Recently Jeff acknowledged smurfing is a problem and said they’re working on a solution but noted it’s complicated due to how account creation works on consoles.

This is also being looked into.

One Xbox chat fix that seems to be working for quite a few folks is to ensure that your controller is updated. Do that then quit the game and reload and chat should be working again.

Smurfing absolutely is bannable since it’s unfair advantage and, according to the reporting system, anything that gives an unfair advantage is cheating.

I report every smurf I encounter on Xbox for that very reason.

It absolutely is cheating.

Blizzard have deemed using keyboard and mouse on consoles to be an unfair advantage, and according to their reporting system anything that gives an unfair advantage is cheating.

They didn’t say there’s no way to detect or enforce.

They said they’re looking into a way to detect it. However, that was quite some time ago now and there’s been no recent update.


I just found the solution, after the Echos update the game now comes with the “Press to talk” option by default, just change that shlt to “Open mic”. You’re welcome.

that’s not the issue and thats been there for like as long as I can remember

welp, it worked for me. Now i can talk all the trash i want.

Switch is incredibly easy to smurf also, just make a alt user account in 30 seconds and you have another one, they said they were going to address it, but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears, also cheating there will get the attention of Nintendo, they have been banning people for just using the Tegra exploit. (which i won’t go into, just use google or wikipedia…)

Issue #1: Agreed. Nothing to say here, except that Blizzard should do something.
Issue #2: Agreed as well. I think a good solution would be to support M+KB by default, but the matchmaking would account for that, and try to put M+KB users with M+KB users, and controller users with controller users.

Issue #3: This also affects PC, but to a lesser degree. The smurf issue is just a nightmare. I think they should force Blizzard SMS Authentication for Competitive Play, and maybe increase the level requirement. This won’t stop them, but it is something.

A few other issues I wanted to mention when I tried out Overwatch on PS4:

  • Menu seems to be locked at 30fps. Not a big deal, but kinda triggers me.
  • Queue times. I think this could be addressed with crossplay across consoles. It already is a thing for games such as Minecraft.

Yep. At this point I’ve just stopped trying to use my mic. The only way it would work is if I would reset my console every time I played a game, and it was frustrating asf.