Xbox - Voice Chat not Working Since Echo Patch

still suffering from this been about a week now


I am bothered with this aswell.
I can use my mic in partys, but in overwatch I can hear others talk but they cant hear me, I’ve checked everything even deleted overwatch and downloaded it again but nothing works.

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When I move the chat mixer full to CHAT (because I don’t want to hear the game through my headset) it fully shuts silent. Please help.

Blizzard can we get a good faith update on this? I feel like at minimum a weekly update is necessary to keep everyone accountable.

Just a reminder that this bug makes Overwatch virtually unplayable for solo queuing or for groups that don’t utilize party chat.

A workaround or reason as to why this is happening to some players but not all would be greatly appreciated.


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Thank you for your reports! Our team is working with our voice provider to locate the source and work on a fix for this issue, which is taking a bit longer than expected. We have not forgotten about this issue and we’ll provide updates when available!

Please keep in mind, this thread is for Xbox specifically. If you are experiencing this issue on a different platform such as PS4, Switch, or PC, please create your own thread.


Haven’t played xbox ow in a while. Been playing on pc. So just noticed yesterday.
My headset and mic works fine on Ow pc. But on xbox it cuts out all of a sudden. I can still hear everyone in chat and hear the game for a while, but then they go out too.
My headset is plugged into the volume control xbox adapter.
When it happens i unplug and plug directly into the controller output. I get sound and chat, but no one can hear me.
Tried another headset, same.
Still work on pc. No issues.

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How is this still a problem blizzard? I literally can not talk or hear anyone on Xbox one in overwatch. Not to mention, every time I open the game, the audio goes super low. Makes the game super frustrating to play since it’s all team based.


My friend has this exact problem. We can duo only using Xbox party for chat, which means our teammates can’t hear both the tanks. Definitely showed us how important team comms are, even if others just are listening. Hope you guys find the fix soon

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I’m having this issue where I can’t speak or hear anyone even though I’m in the voice chat and I can see them talking when im signed into another account. i share an xbox with my room mate and to avoid using each others profile i make a second xbox account i play on using my gold and play on a seperate account. and on this account only i cant hear or talk in game chat. i imagine it has something to do with the fact that im signed into 2 accounts because it doesnt happen to his account. this didnt happen before the patch.

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I have had this problem since echo patch as well. I’m using wired internet with an xfinity my fi hub. Xbox elite controller two and turtle beach earforce seven headphones wired into its port, which connect to the controller. I have not had any luck with toggling headphones on and off in Xbox settings. The only thing that works is restarting the game. But, when I restart the game, if it disconnects me on my first login attempt, the in game voice chat does not work. It’s only if restart the game and log in without any issues when it works. Also, I think my headphones have to be plugged in to the controller for the voice chat to work in game. It’s really frustrating to not be able to hear others or chat with them. The only work around is doing a party chat.

I’ve been having the same problem. I can’t play comp now because game chat flat out isn’t working! How am I supposed to play when I can’t talk or hear anyone? I hope it gets fixed soon because if not I can’t play

I’ve been experiencing this for a week, maybe a week and a half. Restarted my Xbox, my network settings are all okay, using a wireless connection for everything. Reset the OW audio settings to default. I can see and hear myself in VC but cannot hear anyone else and they can’t hear me apparently, even though it says there are others in VC.

I have not been able to speak consistently for almost 2 weeks now this is absurd. This is a game breaking issue that needs to be resolved with priority. This is just ridiculous that something of this magnitude can continue for this long without a resolution, If this was on pc it would’ve been fixed in a day! Just another thing to show how little blizzard actually cares about the console players. It’s already challenging enough to get people on team chat instead of Xbox parties but now 3/4 of the people that are on team chat are affected by this stupid bug. Cmon blizzard!


Ive lost so much SR due to the simple fact that I cant communicate with my teammates thank you.

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First off, I’m glad I am not the only one having this problem. I thought I was crazy for a while.

I haven’t had comms on Xbox since the Echo patch either. I can hear people in game chat sometimes, but not all the time. I cannot however, speak in game chat whatsoever. I have the standard router and modem from Charter Internet. As well as a Xbox One X with standard controller and a LVL 50 headset.

I have tried everything I can think of to help on my end. I hard reset my Xbox, restarted Overwatch, deleted Overwatch all together and re-downloaded, played with audio settings and tried multiple controllers. None of those worked. If I change my audio settings in Overwatch to “open mic” chat instead of “push to talk,” and then turn off/on mic in Audio settings (in Xbox menu) it seems to work. But, my mic will be on all the time and pick up background noise. Which annoys everyone I play with; and all chat goes through to my tv as well. So I can hear everyone thru my tv and mic talking.

Also my audio suffers from weird distortions randomly. Such as last night for some reason a Genji was jumping me and my audio went crazy with buzzing and low pitch distortions. That happens seemingly random at times in games. I don’t really know if that’s related to the comms problems. But I have never had any audio issues with Overwatch before.

Same issue here. My mic works everywhere else on the Xbox — just not in Overwatch. As of this morning I can hear audio from the game through my headset, but no other players. It says that 3, 4, or 5 of us are in the team chat — but there’s no sound.

Sincerly, blizzard ya’ll have had audio problems since i can remember and now with this echo patch it has doomed players. Used to be able to do the xbox guide, settings, audio on/off ordeal that worked. Then one day, nothing. Cant hear anyone, cant speak and cant even see the voice thing pop up. Therefore I get kicked from groups. This is ridiculous. How was this issue not addressed long ago since the problem has always been there? And now it’s gotten to the point where there’s no immediate fix. This is a team based game and if you can’t communicate with your teammate you’re at a disadvantage or just kicked from the group. Please make haste with this, we deserve a fix.

Been monitoring this thread, but still don’t see a fix. I had 3 matches this morning where it worked, but it does not work agian.

It’s been about 3 weeks. Whats the deal?

Controller type: doesn’t matter
Router type: irrelevant
Headset: doesn’t matter
Console make: stop

Fix the audio please

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