Console specific problems- Any updates?

Hi OW forums, potentially OW devs even. There have been 3 big problems on console since Overwatch’s launch, and they’ve only been getting worse as the game’s lifespan goes on. I just want some sort of response abt them, and potentially any insight if they might be fixed or improved ever; either in OW’s lifetime, or for OW2.

  1. Lack of inputs.

the key difference (ahah) between console and pc is that there are simply not as many potential inputs on a controller as there are on PC. I know that this actually is preventing heroes from getting new abilities as a whole. Console users have frequently pointed out though that one way to get around this is either to allow double bindings fully (which the game does for a handful of characters and certain abilities) or to allow button combo bindings. I know this one is a hard issue, but given the massive amount of new potential inputs in the voice line update I think it’s become more important to take another look at. If nothing else, some sort of discussion if it could come to console overwatch would be nice.

  1. M+KB - XIM // cheats on console.

Some sort of update on the XIM situation is likely incredibly overdue. Most console players agree that using a M+kb on console is just straight cheating in the sense that it gives an undue advantage to those that have a certain piece of equipment. Unfortunately, we’ve been told that we’re not to report those we suspect because we cant possibly know. However, with the advent of games like fortnite including m+kb compatibility even on console, it brings the question about potentially including some sort of integration with console overwatch. It’s definitely a rough situation, as it can be very hard to check for or prove, but the competitive integrity of the game can really feel skewed if you go up against xim using widows who go unopposed the whole match. A problem that’s only exacerbated by…

  1. Smurfs galore, smurfs bananza.

It’s 100% free to smurf on PS4. I can’t determine anything about nintendo switch or xb1, but its likely the same situation. Just tonight, I ran against a junkrat, level 31, username: “mercys(female genitalia slang i cant say on the forums)” Definitely a legitimate player who has no other accounts /s. He was on a team with 3 other smurfs. Smurfs are a problem on all platforms, but none feel it so heavily as console, where they are unlimited. I understand that the overwatch dev team likely wants to address it across all platforms, but on console it is especially bad and there has been little communication about how things might be going forward with it with respect to consoles, where the problem is the worst.

i know these arent the only problems on console, but in my opinion, they are the worst three, and the ones that need the most in terms of some kind of signal that the devs are keeping us in mind going forward in general and with ow2 being on the way. If you’re a console player, feel free to chime in if you think that there are worse problems i forgot about or problems with the game in general that you feel are worse on console than PC.

Other problems:
XBL Specific: Voice chat is presently broken


not to mention the voice chat doesn’t work 90% of the time (made a thread about it a day ago or so)


I heard about xbox overwatch having a broken voice chat, it really does stink. We probably wont get a fix any time soon especially because I think it is exclusive to xbox


also from my personal experience the quality of matches (Smurfs) is drastically worse on Xbox than pc


yep, thats also true on ps4. smurfs are my bane, andI really love seeing like 3 of them together in plat, all level 25-40, doing absolutely flawless hammond rollouts or doomfist surfing techs.


love how that isn’t a bannable offense

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I love to report them to psn because they tend to have inappropriate usernames because they are free smurfs. like my aforementioned "mercys(female genitalia slang i cant say on forums)

Xbox report system is trash and only works if you do 10+ reports :slight_smile:


oh lol I cant report them for gameplay, and even on ow’s side you cant report smurfs, but I can tell PSN to investigate the username of this person because its sexually explicit! Small victories. I don’t know if it works but if it does, nice.


Issue 1) This can’t really be helped unless you want some crazy button combo scheme but its not worth their effort to implement.

Issue 2) This also can’t really be helped and i don’t see this as even an issue. People on PC play at 60hz 144hz or 240hz, having better hardware than someone else isn’t inherently wrong. What they should do is allow native KB/M support on consoles across any game that is willing to support it. The only reason these adapters exist is because there’s no other way to use a different input device. Some people are handicapped and may prefer other controllers like KB/M over a gamepad.

3)Again, console specific issue that can’t be fixed on Blizzard’s side.

EDIT: Just want to add, be glad there are no cheaters on consoles, no i don’t count xim users as cheaters if controller players can climb into t500 and compete then what’s the difference? Playing on PC the last week every day i get online i get an acknowledgement that whomever i reported the night before for cheating was indeed cheating.

They don’t ban you anymore on PSN for inappropriate names. They just change your name to temp- followed by random numbers.

Nintendo Switch smurfs would have to pay for another subscription of NSO (or a person could buy a family plan which would be a discounted price for main acc and smurfs) (1 year for 1 person is $20/y, 1 year for a family plan is about $35/y). I personally haven’t had a problem with smurfs in Switch OW because of this


Nah man, Nintendo does whatever they feel like because really they’re only competing with themselves. Sony and Microsoft however are competing with one another and people would not take too kindly to having to pay even more to play online if they share a system with someone else that has their own account. Tying the subscription to a system is much nicer and more consumer/family friendly.

Smurfs are a thing on PC as well, almost every game i play has at least 1 smurf and i don’t care, sooner or later they’ll climb to where they belong. You should focus on getting better yourself so that smurf becomes just another player to you of equal or less skill. Game is 4 years old there are some really sweaty players now, just how it is.

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blizzard doesnt care for console users sadly

It’s only on Overwatch. game chat works in other games.

Incorrect. it’s a lot harder, but I have in fact faced 2 cheaters on xbox in my 2k+ hours. One of them was widow who missed all of there shots for 60% of the game, then suddenly they were snapping on to heads.

the other one was a person who cheated on Sombra (not a joke, actual cheats). they had hard aimbot, and tracked through walls (they tracked me as Pharah through the Hanamura gates. I changed direction and she perfectly followed).

OWL players don’t play on console so your opinion is trash to brizzard

Using XIM isn’t exactly cheating tho. It’s not like it gives you an aimbot or anything. And if you can use it, you can use it :joy:

the mic doesnt work on xbox in like 3 months now.


There’s Overwatch on consoles?!


I’d like some proof on that, while i know hacked consoles are capable of loading cheats it is very very risky to play online with a hacked system let alone actually cheat in an online game. Once they’re caught that console is permanently banned from online services and most people aren’t willing to spend a few hundred $ each time they get banned to cheat again. The extremely rare one off chance you run into a real cheater on consoles doesn’t compare to the daily basis i see them on PC lol