Congrats Blizzard (Mercy)

O god pls no anything but that D:

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Hey they can’t screw it up any more for me, I haven’t touched her for more then a few games since her last sledgehammer nerfs. The memory of my hero being a HERO are in tact.

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Current Mercy just sucks too much to play. I’ve moved onto Widow now. Unfortunately, people are starting to claim that she’s OP… -.-

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Yeah, she just doesn’t feel heroic at all. Balance over fun, right? (In theory)

I would argue she doesn’t need compensation for it other than reverting the healing nerf given.

Her kit on its own is bloated to where she does too much. She has a mobility tool to rival Lucio’s which requires no skill to use from the Mercy (regardless of what Mercy players will tell you) the skill required comes from the person you GA to. THEY are the ones who have to be in position for you not the other way around.

Damage boost that can be instantly switched between targets without delay is nothing to scoff at.

Valkyrie also makes you a harder target to hit while improving your base kit at the same time. Allows you to chain healing or damage and I don’t get the complaint that it’s a “weaker supercharger” because it simply isn’t. Supercharger cannot fly and switch beams on will or still be able to resurrect people while active.

I don’t think losing Resurrect while keeping her as a strong healer is a bad thing.

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… I’m just going to calmly tell you to go away with that stupid idea
5 man rez warranted an underpowered hero anywhere where Ana could be played decently, and now Mercy has someone at her level of skill requirement to compete with who’s got higher healing per second and burst heal potential.

If you think she could lose rez and be fine in the pick and win rates then you’re just being obtuse.

That is also a great answer.

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So your proposal is to leave her with no E ability? Really?

Come on man. You cannot be serious.

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Of course my opinion is disliked but of course it’s always someone else who brings up the insults first.

Who is this mystery hero with the same skill requirement as Mercy? I assume you mean Moira, the hero who does 100 more healing than Mercy last time I saw. I have to disagree on the same level of skill though. Mercy is a point and click adventure. Moira actually has to juggle damage and healing to be able to do well. Her escape is not as good as Mercy’s. Moira in my eyes takes more skill than Mercy holding a single button down.

Why are you so dependent on a correction tool to fix your mistakes? Resurrect is a joke of an ability no matter how it’s used. Your lack of healing or someones lack of proper positioning caused someone to die yet instead of being punished you can just fix that mistake like it never happened.

Yes, however that answer doesn’t satisfy you. If she MUST have an E ability make it something that isn’t a punishment correction tool.

The less Mercy has, the less potential gameplay depth she has. Take away Rez, and there goes one of her best utilities. Her ultimate is just her base kit but better.

Honestly though, the fact that we’re having this discussion is symptom of Blizzard’s garbage tier game design.

I never insulted you I insulted your idea calling it a stupid idea.

Moira also does actual damage, even if you consider the damage she adds with damage boost her Damage per game dosen’t exceed an average of 1k

And if you use healing orbs it is not hard to maintain her damn healing juice I play her all the time and the only time I struggle to keep it up is when a team are being idiots or we’re running into a spam comp with no answer to Junkrat. Moira might be a bit harder (as she was meant to bridge the gap between Mercy and Ana) but it’s not that much more skilled so as to allow Mercy to just have the lower ranks like she used to (like I said 5 man rez, the moment ana could be played Mercy went out the window cus surprise surprise consistent healing that can’t save someone in critical health isn’t enough to hold a hero out of D tier.)

Oh no a healer who has to aim their shots, has risk to their sleep dart, cannot heal past barriers, and has healing that is tied to ammo is stronger than a hero with none of those things.

Am I supposed to be upset that a hero who requires genuine skill is a better pick than Mercy?

Reverting the healing (to 50 hps) was what they should have started with when they were nerfing Valkyrie Mercy. Perhaps some lost functionality, thinking primarily of the rez charge on Valk, can be restored now if her win rate stays low - her ult was held back by having a too-strong group healing that required gutting of its other aspects to the point of making it too simplistic. Then again, maybe it doesn’t hurt that Ana has a place in the sun now.

Well it wouldn’t be if the hero who dosen’t have those limits was able to be B tier and see play in more then one cheese strat
IN a decently balanced game no one would be blow C tier yet Mercy was D tier at high ranks only aboe he F listers Torb, Sym and Bastion

Valk just needs to be reworke,d remove all the garbage that the player can’t really control
Remove those chain beams, remove the buff to survival and half it’s duration, then give compensation buffs.

I highly doubt this. There will always be bottom tier heroes because there will always be a meta. The only difference is Mercy doesn’t need to be a part of all of them.

But the bottom tier won’t be literally uplaybel hene why I said no one would be below C tier.
How did you not catch that?

When they delete aimbot, wallhacks, and one shots

Because even if they are “C tier” if they are bottom barrel they are also “F tier”