Competitive Stats are STILL not Updated Before Season 2

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch 2 Known Issues - October 25, 2022:

Career Profile & Statistics (console players only?) are still inaccurate and do not update or record any new information regarding time played, wins, losses, etc. for the current competitive season.

This seems to mainly affect console players and although part of this bug (or a related bug?) seems to be a known issue, it appears that those at Blizzard believe they applied a fix for it. If that’s true they did not really fix the issue.

No matter how many competitive games played after Oct. 18th there is still nothing at all in my Career Profile or Statistics for the entire competitive season.
No matter how many games I have played (or won/lost), my initially placed ranks for Role Queue have not moved up or down even though I have won the majority of competitive games played in each role.
Without knowing more it appears there is a more serious issue with Career Profile and Statistics for console players that may also be affecting ranked outcomes and/or possibly MMR.

Supposedly those of us having these issues will be unable to recover any statistics for competitive matches that were played between Oct. 4th-18th. That blows. What’s worse is this issue seems to still persist and whatever is going on may mean that no statistics will be recoverable for the entire competitive season for those of us experiencing issues.

Personally seems like another example of a failure and a problem endemic to the industry over the past few years when it comes to game development and new releases.

Hope a fix is found and applied quickly but I’ve found no indicators that will be the case.

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Same here on PS5. My OQ stats are recorded but my RQ stats aren’t. Maybe because I didn’t play OQ for a week or so after launch. I’m hoping it’ll be fixed for season 2, but honestly it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s not. It probably depends on if the devs have met their quota of overpriced cosmetics for the month and are allowed to actually work on fixing the game.