Competitive ranking system broken

i’m sick of this stupid game fr i have won 7 games 3 times and i went down a rank 3 times i went from diamond 1 to diamond 3 after winning all my games and when i was diamond 1 my rank didn’t move after winning my games too blizzard fix your game fr

At the point now where even though I’m playing with a group of friends some are starting to pass in rank high gold low plat while I’m still Bronze 2 even though we always play as a group. Just won 7 games lost 1 only went from b3 to b2 which I killed it and got b3, 3 times in a row before that. I’m positive in wins, I don’t get it. I feel bad for the bronzers that are actually bronze especially since we roll them so badly sitting in spawn. Out of those 7 games none of them even won a round no jokes either I verified with my history.,.,.,.,.,


Every game i play there is a hige team diff, i HARD CARRY my team every game, (im diamond 3) but my teamates are playing like they are bronze 5. after bout 20 games with huge team diff i sent blizzard a Mail explaining the issue. Then i got a automated mail from them that didn’t resolve my issu ofc… so I deleted the game and will probably not play the game until the comp system is fixed,