Competitive Rank Doesn't Change after Patch

After the latest patch my support rank doesn’t change. Twice in a row I have won 7 games with 4 losses and my rank has not increased from Gold 1.

Is this a feature or a bug?

What is the point in playing ranked play if winning games doesn’t result in increased rank.

In the old comp system 14 wins with 8 losses gives a net of 6 games won. 6 * 25 SR = 150 SR.

Assuming each division in Gold (1 - 5) is 100 SR

Assuming Gold 1 is the equivalent of 2400 SR.

2400 SR + 150 SR = 2550 SR which should be Plat 5.

Not only with the old system was there constant feedback in terms of SR change every game. The system was fair, transparent and actually seemed to work.


I’ve been having the same issue with my rank, as I believe many others, too. I’m also having issues with my career profile, and my wins don’t count. I hope this gets resolved soon for you, and others :frowning:

same thing happened to me

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I’m having this same issue right now. I just won 14 games today and still can’t go pass Gold 3. My stats aren’t recording either which is annoying because I like to focus on W/P