Competitive progress


We all know the SR system isn’t a progress system, and people get bored once they’re placed where they ought to be.

It drives smurfing and all kinds of aberrant behaviour, things like ‘path to Bronze’, sandbagging, etc. As people look for a new challenge.

Gold weapons kind of offer an incentive to keep going and keep winning; but it doesn’t seem to be enough once you have the ones you want for your main heroes - if you ever wanted them at all.

So what ideas would you think would encourage people to just keep going?


That ranking is usually based around 1-3 characters. Pick other characters and see if you go up or down, then work accordingly.


Well there’s the clan approach and the cosmetics approach

Clans are introduced (they’re not gonna be introduced btw lol) You earn points/prestige/tournaments/whatever for your clan, your clan gets a higher rating and you advance inside your clan. So that’s the way you get some sort of personal fullfilment/sense of advancement

The cosmetics approach is far simpler, you unlock more cosmetics (Skins, player Titles, gun skins, etc etc) the higher you climb.

Both approaches have downsides and I remember distinctly jeff mentioning that they had regrets about introducing Competitive Points, as it led to many players joining Comp not for the competitive experience but because they wanted the Gold Weapons.

In all honesty I dunno how to fix this. It IS a problem but i do believe enjoyment of the core gameplay comes first and the sense of advancement follows.


Kind of did this this season, switching from tanking to DPS. It means sort of soft throwing a lot of games while SR adjusts though, which itself is pretty frustrating because you’re not trying to lose; but you do because you don’t really deserve to be DPS at that rank.

It’s not really ‘progress’, it’s just something else to do to mix things up. And in all honesty, in some ways I regret it since I can stomp as Tanks to get back up; but then I’m not really playing what or how I want to be playing so I end up going back to DPS.


I neglected to say, you should start another account for those characters. It’s really as if you need one SR per character, but they dismiss that out of hand sadly.


you’re off topic both of you, and that’s weird because one of you created the topic.


My competitive drive will return only if a system like positional rank with role queue would be implemented.

As long as performance rank exists that makes the game coin toss and luck based, it will never make me take it seriously.

Jeff Kaplan himself ‘joked’ about it recently and it is true. An x main who plays only a specific role cannot perform the same way when his/her role is taken away and the chances of defeat get increased the moment it happens, let alone it results to toxicity when people fight over roles.

I hate the very fact that half of the game’s result depends on match making, a.k.a ’ will I get unlucky and be matched with 4 dps mains / 4 support mains this time '.

I can care less if a system like role queue will increase queue time. The only ones who will end up punished are the one tricks anyways, something that is against the very system of the game itself.

I prefer to wait 5 minutes knowing that I will get teammates who know their drill than wait 3 and hope that it won’t match me with 4 support/dps mains who will spend their time fighting over the role while on top of that, perform poorly if they haven’t touched any other role in their lives.

p.s: Positional rank system would decrease the number of multiple accounts as people will have different rank positions based on the role they pick ( so they won’t have to buy an account for tank gameplay only, support etc etc ).

It would give people a reason to try out different roles as out of curiosity to see how they can perform without hurting the SR performance in the role they are most comfortable in.


First of all Blizzard needs to take their pink glasses off and realize how bad the state of ranked is. There are many things they could improve … starting by more rewards, smurf protection (verified account queue … If you verify your account with a bank account then you get into games with other people who did that)… give people an arcade mode with 222, test modes with hero bans, map votes … people need to See that Blizzard ia listening and there is nothing wrong with testing things in arcade and let the community decide if they like it.


Then it does literally nothing for your account progression.


No … its terrible that this game is forcing you to buy another account to get a balanced, fair and enjoyable gaming experience … i wish people would stop feeding this bs


“Stop feeding this BS”… okay dude… the game doesn’t force you to buy another account, it is a suggestion if you feel like you are going into games at an SR level you shouldn’t. Unless Blizz opts for per-character SR, making you pick first, please post the alternative…


You don’t seem to understand how the SR system works.

And I say that because


In a role q, be sure that one tricks will thrive and I’m a bit puzzled as to why would you think otherwise. You get the DPS one tricks and they’re ensured that they’re gonna play their DPS of choice without their team tilting, having no main tank etc etc

Concerning the “performance SR”: First of all there is NONE above diamond, and below diamond it affects your SR gains/losses the least out of all contributing factors.

Winning grants you the main bulk of SR, your hidden MMR grants you most of the bonus/minus SR and lastly performance gives an additional + or -.

But the difference between a junkrat having 20k dmg vs 2k dmg in a win, all othe factors being equal wouldn’t be more than a 10 SR difference


Sure it does, you get measurable progression on another character or two on another account… I might be Gold with say Mei, but only silver on Hanzo, having to work it up if I choose… I mean it’s up to you, but that’s one approach to the SR matching problem… that or take your SR lumps and go down and work back up…


If you had made the effort the entire comment of mine instead of nitpicking to say whatever, that would be great.

I repeatedly mention the part that the match making, in the state it is now, it matches people who one trick the same role, which results to horrible game experience. That’s the issue I address with my comment, not how SR system works. Everyone knows match making along with our habit to one trick is at fault, even the devs have mentioned it as well.

This is where positional ranking with role queue comes in.

Anyone can one trick whatever but at the very least, the system stops matching four dps / support players together into a crap feast. Forcing 2-2-2 perhaps, but legit that’s what most people play across most ranks except very high ones.

One tricks are a benefit when there are not more than 2 in one team. When there are three, there is a problem. The way the SR system works now just benefits one tricks at the cost of those who flex. Once it doesn’t exist up to Diamond, which I have been there, it becomes even worse as games get easily toxic with people flaming those who are playing poorly when they are forced to play roles out of their comfort zone simply because the SR system brought them there by abusing a specific role or hero.

Competitive system needs overhaul. The moment the community refuses to follow the devs’ vision for three years straight and keep the one trick mentality, they might as well just make the game how their customers prefer to play it instead of letting toxicity growing and driving players out of the game.


But you sspecifically said

I don’t see why you accuse me of nitpicking or not reading your post. You are under the impression that Competitive is mostly performance based. This is wrong. Nothing nitpicky about it.


They will be punished by the aspect that a person who queues up only as dps will have to wait for 10 minutes compared to someone who can play anything and doesn’t care what roles he plays as long as he can play as many matches as possible at that span of time. Flex players and those who fill will most definitely have shorter queue timers compared to those who only care to play the dps role and nothing else. That’s the only form of punishment.

My previous post was about role queue and the idea of positional rank along with it, nothing about SR so I don’t even know what crossed your mind.

I don’t care who climbs and with what, that’s none of my business. What I care is to have a normal competitive experience and not being under the situation of hoping that this coin toss for match making is not matching me with 3 or 4 players who play the same role / hero.

How can they even call it ’ competitive ’ when the result of the match is decided on hero select screen ? How does that measure a player’s skill with such certainty in any sort of way when part of the result is decided by match making ?

’ Will any team have a smurf ? Which team will have the most one tricks ? Which team will have the player who says he doesn’t know how to play support / tank ? Let’s wait four minutes in queue wondering with praying hands before character select screen comes, just to see 5 people with private profiles picking four dps anyways. ’

That’s how competitive is right now and that’s why it’s a joke.


competitive accessories, skins, medals that u can put on your character. Like u made platinum in this season, u get a special platinum thing to put on any character. it would just get more flashy the higher the rank. Weapon skin switching after a certain rank. Like anything other than just gold guns, dumbest concept ever.


The clan/guild approach in WoW was not a success.

I’m not sure how successful the cosmetic system in OW is as a progress system. Having a Gold border is kind of meaningless, until someone calls you on your rank for it, then it’s pretty negative. As for skins, you get your few for your favourite heroes, they’re finite and cease as progress.


A role system might improve match quality, but there are no guarantees. There’s a lot of room for abuse and it doesn’t answer what to do with hybrid heroes, or when you get a Roadhog and Zarya main as your Tanks; or DPS-Moiras and AnaMakers.

You’re still left with a lot of problems, and still no sense of progress.


The SR system has already been abused through broken heroes, the match making is a huge hit or miss, so personally I don’t see any issue in taking a risk when the competitive mode is already problematic.

Off tanks still fall under the category of tanks so the choice of what to pick in character select screen is up to is. What I want to have is that two tank players will be in my team whether they are two off tanks or two anchor tanks. I prefer them over the 3rd and 4th dps/support player any day.