Competitive handicap not worth the struggle

Did u ever lvl up an alt ? U would know that’s not 10 games at all
And the match maker, even in qp, get u quickly to ur rank
At rank ten the match maker stop to auto match u with low level account
To one game to another the change was drastic, I was playing mostly with bots and suddenly I was placing with high plat to master players (so around my skill lvl) and never seen lower that gold since (mostly played qp in soloq)
Match maker work well

Maybe he has personality which I pretty much doubt you have it based on your snob elitistic response …

… so where is your stream? If I you don’t have it can you promise that you will never post again about this topic?

If the matchmaker actually worked to create even matches, there would be more draws. Instead, you get wild oscillations like 10 wins followed by 10 losses. This probably increases the addictive potential of the game and is working as intended.

Ok, i just seen that u play mostly Brig and rein. It’s pretty simple to explain why u can’t climb and why u think silver is harder than plat

In general différent elo ask player different skill set and playstil in order to climb out of them. But with a majority of hero if u play verywell a playstile u’ll be able to go out of anyrank under the one who demande u to play like ur playstile is
But that’s not true for every hero, mercy struggle a lot more in lower elo because she’s team dépendant because she can’t really have numerous playstile, there is only three : team play and heal/pocket/mix of the both
And all of them are team dépendant but just not in the exacte same way
Brig and rein are team dependant too but not exactly like mercy because both can, if u can adapte enought to poor team mate, carry (rein is easier for that than Brig which is really really team mate skill dépendant even if not as much as mercy)

I’m pretty sur un know very well the theori « how too play Brig/how to play rein »
Sad truth, the videos were ur learned that is not aim for u the silver lvl player. They are aimed for mid gold mid plat players. That’s why u can’t climb of silver but u play relatively well on plat. And that does not mean u have a plat lvl, that mean u can copy past a plat gameplay, not really understand why u play like that, why u can’t be more aggressive or why u can’t be less aggressive if u wanna win
If u actually understood that u would have no trouble to climb out of silver. U can give ur account to anyone who climbed out of silver once to reach plat he’ll be able to climb out again pretty easly if he wasn’t carry out of the elo by a friend. U could also give it to almost any mid diamond player because it’s in average the moment were player can’t just copy past what we told them to do but have to understand a bit more why they’re doing it in the elo they currently are

Personnel exemple that I live quite frequently
The master-low gm rein player who play in master/diamond from the beginning of the game and that never had to grind to the top and now smurf in low diamond/high plat
Even when he tryhard he could be legitimately throwing because he does not adapt to the rank and the lake of skill both from his and the ennemy team, so he expect that if he played like usual he would win easly but he actually lose every single times, he will says that the problems is the trash team he as, but not really. Sure in his POV his team is trash, and that’s not false, but he doesn’t lose because his team is trash, he lose because he does not adapte the way he plays to the level of his team and his playstile might aske to much of the healer he currently has so he keep dying over and over again
He does not master rein as a hero, because mastering rein also does mean mastering the comprehension of how much u can ask to ur heals and plays longside ur team skill. In fact he just mastered the playstile of a 3k5 rein

The big difference between u and him is that ultimately he should understand that he have to play by demanding less of his healers if he play in low diams and want to win because his understanding of the game is higher than yours so he should be able to adapte his playstile after few games because he will eventually understand that the problème is the playstile he tries to force

(That’s just one exemple, it existe lot of other reasons than « asking to much to ur heal » that would prevent u to climb out of a déterminated rank)

Edit: I’m really sorry if my lvl in english make some of my explanation not clear, if anyone want me to try to explain something clearer just ask, ultimately I’m sur we will be able to understand each other

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I’m a slightly above average player (50-70th percentile), so there’s no point to streaming. There are hundreds of thousands of others in my skill range. Unlike this guy, I don’t make baseless, easily disproven threads about a “rigged” system holding me back in an rank at which I don’t belong.

Protip: Next time you’re going to personally attack someone, proofread your post. I seriously hope English is not your first language after reading yours.

The only way I’m able to play plat games because I am ranked 2.3k games is whenever I play with my friend who’s almost a diamond. That said this friend that I play with I met him when he was a high gold and I was low silver. He’s only allowed to go maximum online an hour a day but I have ranked up with him all the way up to where we are. Our group SR our rating right now is like 2.6k/2.7k, So whenever I play with him I’m usually the only gold in the match, then you have your uncommon diamond thrown in. It’s a shame he can’t go on more because I’d like to play more games with him. I’ve also eliminated the fact that one of us is carrying the other, It seems like when we play alone we lose but when we play together we win. This will suggest that there’s some kind of team synergy, but honestly our team synergy is non existence I usually one-trick brig Who doesn’t really combo well with anybody and we don’t have great comms either If anything most of the time we’re just talking about life while playing the game.

I usually play support and the problem that I commonly find is low DPS or bad game sense That drags me down. Mostly I play Brig support though though I can play other thing. the worst thing that can happen for me as a support I think is low DPS because as a support you can only contribute so much to dps or healing and if I switch to somebody like Baptiste or Zen I may contribute to DPS but that comes at the expense of my my healing output so this one’s difficult to fix in silver because you either choose between DPS or healing and the other will suffer. Actually come to think of it The biggest
This is why I suspect that around mid gold there’s some one kind of competency threshold, In the lower level you really don’t know what you’ll get and perhaps I just have bad luck.

I made a topic on this before though, asking why this was so and we could never figure it out and there was no solid reason. The playing field mid gold and below is sketch. If you feel like you should be a higher level and you’re on console I would recommend getting a new account, I don’t have an alt account that can play competitive but from what I hear this is a common problem a lot of people have different accounts with different ratings some of them are high levels that are stuck in the low ranks of some reason. It’s a mystery because really we don’t know how matchmaking works.

The matchmaker almost certainly CAN’T make a fair game when a group SR spread is wide. 3 silvers + 3 plats DOES NOT equal 6 golds.

That is the big reason for the poor match quality.

Yes but this isn’t a case of 3 silver 3 plats I’m duo Queuing With me and my friend we’d only make up 1/3rd of the team and whatever discrepancy there might be of me being in a higher ranks or him being at a low rise would only be one of 1/6

That sounds like being carried to me, not you actually holding your own in those games.

Post your replay codes. I’ve solo-queued every role to high plat… I’ll tell you if you play like one or not.

From a profile peek, I can tell you right off the bat that I’d expect MUCH higher average accuracy from a platinum level player. Your eliminations per life are also not as I’d expect if you were fighting people under your skill level… and you are either dying a lot as a support or heal-botting (the latter would suggest you are hard-pocketing your higher ranked duo partner)… which would make your DPS, tanks, and the other support have to work much harder than they normally would, which would easily explain their underperformance in your eyes.

Get them codes up and prove me wrong.

I could I wouldn’t mind really, but what you’re saying is that I’m going to be judged by your standards and that’s how you’re going to decide if I’m plat? first off you looked at my stats which you should know if you are a plat or above that stats being absolutely nothing I’ve been in plenty of games where none of my teams got top stats and we win. Thing about average stats too is that games lengths have varying times. I’ve really never pocketed anybody, I usually just play brig.

The thing about replay codes is whenever somebody else watches them they’re always watching for your faults It’s hard to notice when you do something good but it’s easy to notice a mistake, Neither do you know the attention behind my actions and why I didn’t go right instead of left or vice versa.

but like I said, friends I met him when he was in gold and I was in silver and now he’s 125 at away from Diamond. We exclusively play together and we seem to lose when we don’t play together and our teamwork is barely existent.

I’m well aware that my role queue ranks suck l Don’t play it at seriously as I do open queue anymore but even still That’s part of the argument that I’m having is that lower levels seem to suck you lower and playing as Plat is l easier. You have more reliable teammates I no longer have to worry that there will be a lack of DPS because the DPS is usually on point That doesn’t support class if you’re lacking a DPS and you decide to go DPS support your healing will suffer and it’s risky to drop healing in the lower ranks, everybody needs healing in his lower ranks, they’re all damage sponges

coincidentally I’m using my passes right now as damage and I’m finding it super easy to climb but I’m barely starting to play DPS Ranked serious just now because of the passes.

As for our debate I don’t know I could either go by your standards or the standards of the game as I play plats and beat plats admittingly it started to get harder once I hit the 2.7k plat range but I’m still waiting more than I’m losing right now.

It does and I suspected that for a while too but I’ve noticed that my friend when he plays alone he drops in SR. So if my friend cannot rank up without me how exactly is he carrying me? I’m the one who got him close to Diamond anyway we started when he was high gold .

Yes. When he plays with you, it lowers the average SR of the enemy team since you’re 2 ranks below him. He can carry vs plats, but not hold his own vs diamonds.


Except that he was a gold when I met him and he only climbed close to Diamond playing with me. And sure it might lower average rank for him but it heightens the average rank for me so I intern should be a hindrance

But any event that you were correct That means that there are cheap ways to climb to higher levels and if thats the case that puts all people who are higher level into question, as they could have simply done this strategy.

Unranked to GM with a pocket support is very common for streamers. There’s a reason that pocket support is there. Plats playing well together can mitigate a single GM smurf… but not when it’s a duo and that GM is being hard-pocket enabled.

Yes, because I know what Plats play like. I’m not looking for EVERY mistake I can find. I’m looking for what separates Silver and Gold from Platinum. I think that if I dropped you into a solo-queue mid-Plat match, you’d be in for an awakening. That is based on the numbers you’re putting up right now… they DO mean something.

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Interesting, I wonder why do you think plat games are easier tho when your only plat games you do are with Diamond player friend. That is not same as solo Q plat games at all. If you dont play plat games solo just like your silver/gold games you cant really compare it.

I like your mindset, I think what you need it just a little bit of help and you would be open to criticism most likely. That can help you provide more value in solo Q games and help you climb. Trya asking for replay code reviews.

Place you are in, mid gold is really mess to be honest. You need to spam a lot of games, be consistent and climb with PBSR bonus to your SR. Gold is full of players with different skill level so consistency is the key, you have to get maximum from every match in term of your performance to start gaining more SR than losing.

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Main issue is the ELO system and new players. ELO was designed for 1 on 1 chess ranking.

It works great one on one but not for groups and the reason is simple you start with at a gold ranking on a new account rank, and are either pretty good or awful depending on your mechanical skill because there are people carrying you.

The people you play with at rank skill wildly differ depending on the time of day they play.

There are a ton of people that play in the evenings that are obviously drunk or drug affected. They earned their position initially but the game can’t determine state of mind, nor probably it should.

So you have widely differing skill levels playing with each other because of the players state of mind.

Its a sad state of affairs yes, is there a solution ? I have no idea but in the end its still fun and if it isn’t then perhaps you need to change modes or switch games.

Protip: Next time after responding to a post first read it and don’t blabber about other not related things. Your reading comprehension is bad so before YOU start personally attacking someone try to fix your own issues. Do you really think people watch streamers that are in top 500 only because they are skilled? Like I said you need personality first. You never streamed and you trash talk like a kid. Your brain is probably a big on/off switch holding one bit of information.

My first language is also none of your concerns since you need to fix your own language problems first. This is your common problem right? Deflecting to others?

I agree. Good thread

Again I don’t pocket It wouldnt work that well because I play Brig. Anyway I wish the patch didn’t delete my replays and showed player ranks because the only match I have where I play with my open queue with my friend is 1, and that’s match was honestly a mess largely because I was the only healer 1st round (brig) we did good next round, then the team’s fails push but then with our push while we technically won the bastion and torb turret made the win look pretty bad. I could give you this replay but I that match would honestly serve to look make me look bad despite unless you knew the why I was doing certain things.

Although since 90% of my games are with Brig on open queue (since no one likes playing healer and I don’t mind) and I reserved open queue to play with my high plat friend, it’s pretty reflective of what my games with him have been as we basically climbed about 1000sr together (not so much the first half but the second half we played exclusively with each other). Right now as of writing this my open queue win ratio with brig (reflective of the plat games) is 65%. Role Q (which is when I solo) is 54%. Now even if I was making this all up and you were to just look at my stats alone, at 2.3k open q I’m 65% wins Brig but at 1.7k role q I’m 54% wins Brig. At the very least this discrepancy Isn’t suppose to exist unless it was easier to play in higher ranks, at least to a point (midplat has started to become more difficult but technically still getting more wins than I would in a silver match).

oh interestingly enough the reason I have only one replay of open Q with my friend Is that we spent some of the time playing role Q, which actually might have been the first time we’ve done this. My friend Is plat all across the board except for damage. So it was interesting to see that even with my much higher ranked friend, we managed to lose about half of those games paired with silvers and golds. You would think that even at these lower levels we would should perform better as we’re the same team which in the higher levels perform so well but it was not the case.