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In the current competitive season section in my career profile, no time played is displayed nor any of my wins(says I have 0)only my rank is showing.I’m playing on ps4 btw has anyone found a fix to the issue?


A fix? They won’t even acknowledge it even after several complaints on the forum


I’m having the same issue. Competitive stats are locked and haven’t changed.

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There is no fix. Need to wait for Blizzard to acknowledge the issue and fix.

I posted about this earlier, btw:

Should post in same thread instead of multiple different ones to ensure Blizzard see it.

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Same with me. My stats say I have zero time played, zero wins…but it shows my rank. It’s not tracking any stats at all. I play on Xbox.

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Same issue on ps5. Stats have not updated at all since I finally got my account merged.

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I have the same problem and I think i know why
Because you play with crossplay on and then you turned it off or the opposite it will happen to you but i dont know any solution

Not sure why everyone is saying blizzard hasn’t acknowledged this. The top pin on this bug report forum is for that very reason. My stats are completely messed up too and I’ve lost over 1000 hours on my profile. Console players are the only ones affected, or so they say, I’m on Xbox. Hopefully this stuff will be fixed soon. That cruddy part is that they said any hours/stats obtained since release (Oct 4) will not be accounted for. So nearly a month(at least depending on when they actually fix this…)of played time hours and stats will never come back.