Competitive 6v6 Elimination now available!

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We’re started a short Competitive 6v6 Elimination season at 0:00 UTC today, which is 5:00 PM PDT.

This season will end on May 8, 0:00 UTC, which is May 7 5:00 PDT.

The “Lockout” rule in place, so once a team wins with a hero it becomes unavailable for that team for the duration of the match. All the previous Elimination maps are available to play this season, but we’ve also added Ayutthaya to the mix as an Elimination map.

To play, simply choose the Competitive Elimination card in the Arcade!

Comp elims? YES please!
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great!!! more ways to cap the comp points to number divisible by 5


why though? like whats the occasion


Poggers dudes! I’ve been waiting for this!


I thought this was gonna be for Anniversary in May-June, but now works just as well!




I guess there’s no need for an occasion, I’m just glad its in!


Nicee, extra point for my undecided Golden weapon :slight_smile:


and 5 dps and me on support


Will there be decay in this mode?


I don’t really play comp in overwatch due to how there is no real reward to play it. But it’s very nice to see that you’re finally expanding the comp scene more and that deserves a :hugs:


This sounds like a great idea… But not for Overwatch…

The most toxic game I have ever played on. You get matched with toxic players who does not think for the team but themselves and are first to die. And because they die, they get to spectate your team.

Toxic Players + Spectating = VERY BAD IDEA.


Will it be on console as well?


I agree with your equation 1000fold.
One more mode to only play with friends.


Will this new competitive mode available on consoles?


Well, what do you think?


Not a fan of having many different competitive game modes in arcade, but it seems decent.