Competitive 6v6 Elimination now available!


Normal comp sometimes just gets a little too repetitive. I love this new change to spice things up a little bit.


Deathmatch without a team is better than this.
U can’t even take the hero u want after u win.


In placements will I be able to play with my higher ranked friends who are in placements too? For example I’m diamond right now in normal competitive but I want to play with my GM level friends. Can I?


please blizzard make this a permanet mode, i need this in my life, you can clutch in this mode, and theres even a small metagame with how many healers you use and managing comp options, its great, plz plz plz keep it as a feature


Retribution? :smile:


why they chose to make it competitive 6v6 not competitive 3v3 is beyond me


:thinking: :thinking::thinking:


Well, nice. Now i dont need to play the regular to get comp points


I actually like it. Is it going to be around more often.


5 isn’t even…so…


Now all we need is a death match ranked mode pls…only mode where people will not tilt because of bad team mates


that wouldn’t be fun… only brigittes, moiras and roadhogs then


Yeah and ruin everygame…


You need to do a 1vs1 Random comp. That may help people realize how difficult they players they are choosing not to play actually are…


I would say that for a game that seems to be built on playing with friends, playing with friends can be more punishing then playing alone.


Por qué no un modo 3v3? Creo que a la gente le gustaba más el modo 3v3 que el 6v6 :wink:


Will there be a competitive 1v1 in the future?


That’s good and all, but guys please join voice chat.


That is too short a season!

Seriously, loving the idea, loving playing it, but let’s see this more than once a year?


There wasn’t decay in CTF or Lucioball so I’m gonna guess not. I’ve only ever seen decay in normal comp