Community Update - 2022 in-game events (retail)

I respectfully disagree. Weeks and days prior to the OWL Legacy skins going away, there were constant reminders and notifications letting us know this was the case. Even WyomingMyst personally announced it.

This is much much more than what occurred with the Ashe spray event. If anything, the OWL Legacy skins going away had more attention than regular events.

Sorry cant fully grasp the events skins. can anyone tell me if deadlock Ashe might get a rerun in this? :smiley:

Good to know, but highly stupid. You could do another donation to the same cause and get $100 per purchase so easily with how many people want that skin.

How about Tyrande sym?

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Remember when Chinese New Year had 2 new legendary skins? People were pissed and Blizzard said they’d make up for it with the most new Legendary skins yet?

They were technically correct. Because each of these us going to be Legendary. However, none of them are new.

They are taking the old models, grabbing the paint bucket, and dying most of the assets white. Then calling it “New” and selling it for 3000 credits.

And with this brilliant tactic, Blizzard can ignore Overwatch 1 even more while still claiming they care about the fans.

We used to get tables scraps of Overwatch 2 in the form of new Deathmatch Maps. Now we aren’t even getting new skins…


Check my response from a different discussion related to this update.

It’s less likely than the first 9 weekly challenge “mini-event” cosmetics, but nothing is really set in stone beyond the first 3 skins in today’s announcement.

Blue mercy skin? Hmmmmm

I can be pleased but lol.

Their decision to lessen the already abysmal level of content we’re getting to focus on legendary skins is still absolutely worth criticism. :slight_smile: Their decision to, at any point, siphon most of their resources for OW2 has culminated skepticism and rightful criticism. This being yet another symptom of it should still be criticized.

I still hope that OW2 will be a good release. But all the team has done is disappoint over and over again, and they lower the bar repeatedly.

If they need to siphon even more resources to work on OW2, then Blizzard should be criticized for sucking and making this the situation and decision that needed to be made.


Awesome, I’m pumped to get baset ana and nano dva, the only two challenges I missed!

So I got a question because I’m a bit confused, Will the archive skins be back and unlocked? As In able to purchase with in game coins or no?

So, Archives, standard Anniversary & Summer Games won’t return this year. I kinda figured this would happen 'cause of Overwatch 2. Instead, those 3 events gets replaced with Anniversary remix events. It’s most likely here due to OW1 is gonna to merge into OW2 at some point (maybe) this year.

Wait, that’s 5 months (April - August) without the usual events. Will the Anniversary remix events last until OW2 is launched or will it just last until after summer? Ya know, since, Archives (March or April), standard Anniversary (May) & Summer Games (June - August) are canceled for this year.

I wonder when console players can play the OW2 beta. Maybe during the summer?

How foolish I was to thing it would never be worse than the 2022 lunar event with its 2 legendary skins.

Archives is my favorite event that I play every day, all day long during the event and it is butchered with the crappy rocket league look-a-like that I hate soooooooo much, Junkeinstein (witch I enjoy, but you know… It’s not The Archives with real PVE and all characters available to mix it up) and just okay events game modes that I played not so long ago at christmas.

But noooooooo ! A Non-event event to replace it, no new stuff, not even new cosmetics. Just the ones that I already possess from their original run. Just like everybody that plays this game for 5-6 years already have and have too many useless credits covered with dust.

How foolish I was to think my day couldn’t be worse than it already is. I would have appreciated just one little positive thing from the game I play religiously for long years in order to lift my spirit up. Or you know : nothing, like you usually do since more than 2 years, wasting each and every day a little more of our patience.
You made an horrible day even worse with that BS announcement. Early April’s Fool or not.

Soooooo… Blizzard. The shameless finger you just made to us, you know where you can shove it, right ?
And very deeply.

A very unsatisfied CUSTOMER


“We have no plans to open a free money pit for the purposes of cancer charity”

This skin, REGARDLESS of people’s motivations for buying it (I do not for a second understand all the people hating on it coming back because “people just want the skin”, THE MONEY GOES TO CHARITY REGARDLESS OF THEIR MOTIVATIONS), would sell like CRAZY if it were brought back.

There’s no reason not to do it! I’d argue that not doing it is, frankly, almost freaking evil! It’s a free money ticket for the purposes of CANCER CHARITY.


And the thing is that these re-hashed events don’t even require resources. Like it’s just a button they need to push to activate the already existing games modes. They didn’t even need to make new skins for it. They totally could’ve done the Remix thing along side the Archives event, just, you know, bringing re-colours to the old Archives event skins for us to play toward. Same with Summer Games. It’s such a bizarre choice to remove the events in their entirety when they literally do not need any additional resources put into them. I just don’t understand.


THANK YOU for stating this!

Thank you for the clear and straightforward communication!

I really want to know about coust. I’m hoping it’s 1k per skin.

Legal reasons/teamwork reasons or just no desire?

Will these be available the whole time, or are they being put on a dumb rotation like the brawls?

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I really hope that all of the Weekly Event Skins from the past will be available somehow, at least. (Hero Gallery, Loot Boxes, Arcade Mode Rewards, etc) Because I would really like to unlock Symmetra’s Holi Skin in the Switch Version which I’m currently playing since my PC died.