Client Requested Disconnect Error

So I got an error ‘Client Requested Disconnect’ in competitive mode. Got suspended for 15 minutes plus -50 SR… then I rejoined the match that I was disconnected from, in the middle of my suspension, we won the match but I didn’t get back the 50 SR.

Can someone explain this to me?

This might be a topic better suited for technical support forum.

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Not quite sure I have heard of this error, do you have a screenshot of when it happened?

The only known error messages related to internet connection issues are “Lost Connection to the Server” which appear on the title screen during a full fledged disconnection, and “Failed to Connect to the Server” which appears in the text chat dialog on the game client and simply prevents you from connection to a game you were matched to but you do not lose connection to the overall game client.

So basically, the penalty still stands if you fail to report back to the match within two minutes, this is because by that time your teammates are granted the option to forfeit and leave without suspension (and take the normal SR deduction for a loss). More details on this policy can be found here:

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The message of that error appears in the same way as the “Lost Connection to the Server”, but the game before that is frozen for a second, (and it is not a lag or internet connection issue as I saw my ping was around 70-80 at that time.) But then suddenly I’m on the login screen to my account where I need to log in to my account again.

I have never had this issue before since I bought the game.

For that penalty of 2 minutes being out of the match, I was out of the game for less than that as it took me to fill up my information again and I was in the game.

same happened to me just five minutes ago. The Overwatch server disconnected me toward end of play and that’s strange to me. This is the fourth time the Overwatch server has created an error in the system. “lost connection to the server” and then to be penalized for a lost connection from Overwatch? Overwatch servers ran better last year. I had no problems with competitive rounds. This year, I have had to hope every time the server doesn’t disconnect. Overwatch disconnect errors are not helping gameplay with competitive rounds and that is a huge concern. I am not playing just to be disconnected during a competitive round. I don’t have these problems in practice mode on any level.

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They really did. IDK if the google migration went well, but their metal is notoriously optimized for content streaming (throughput) and not gaming (latency & packet loss). I really miss the amazon/ttv hosting. And I really miss 1/2 the continent being relevant (i.e. ORD1 east/central up and running latenight).

Surely they’ll upgrade things for OW2?

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Do you live outside of North America? If so you may be connecting to different servers since they switched from Amazon Web Services to Google. Because of this, the connection route is going to be different and may have issues. A WinMTR test is the best way to determine how and why a connection may be dropping between you and the game server.

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Hopefully, I was just disconnected again and it is from Overwatch server side. Now I am having to wait and I told the team there are issues in Overwatch today. Overwatch needs to do better for us customers that use the game for competition. I was healing and boosting. I was communicating to the team where I am at. I don’t want to invest my money into Overwatch anymore. Last year was better, I am not sure why there are so many problems this year from Overwatch company.