Classic overwatch, pls! jeff

They should put up a server and once it drops below 500k players on it shut it down. I bet it would be gone after 30 days.

Oh and charge $1.99/month to cover the fees to maintain it and power cost.

He certainly do, but at least the heroes I mentioned above are objectively miles better design - wise now that they were on release in pretty much every single aspect…

Yep. Mercy and Sym were basically throw picks back then… Alternatively, I wouldn’t mind if they did reworks that reverted certain changes (whispers: mercy’s 60HP)

Actually, it was the exact opposite for the grand majority of the player base, but it still does not excuse how terribly designed they both were…

Mayhem mode is something close to this.
But whatever, I play mystery. No problem for another crazy mode

I mean, of course those kinds of heroes would be better of in low ranks which make up the majority of the player base but generally speaking, they were both pretty trash. Mass res was bad because Mercy almost always never survived after it (they made the rubbish decision of implementing immortality to fix this :man_facepalming:) and everyone who gets ressed usually just gets wiped again. As for Sym, well… I don’t think she needs to be explained.

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Saying “then don’t play it” is stupid considering that even if people don’t play classic OW, the amount of resources, time, and development it would take to recreate the coding and assets for it would heavily slow down the already dry update pace of the current game.

In fact, it’s literally selfish to ask the Devs to divert resources into recreating the old game instead of updating the current one just so a small percentage of the playerbase can mess around with 5-man rez and old hog hook before they eventually get bored of the novelty feeling…

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Give me 6
Give me Double Lucio
Give me 50 hps Mercy, 3 second cooldown on passive, 3 second cooldown on Ga, and standing stock still Rez
Give me 1 shot 20 metre Roadhog
Give me Roadhog’s hook that can pull people across maps
Give me 150 damage Quick-scope Widow
Give me 70 damage FtH McCree
Give me 150 max HP Zen with a slow Trans and only 150hps



I’d take old Overwatch over current version. Best to start over and try to fix the problem like design support Symmetra properly.

There’s still countless balance issues with original OW

We’ll just go down the same road we have

Be nice we had a different crew if it does goes down the same road :laughing:

It’s off topic, but I just wanted to say that your English is fine. As a native speaker, I just appreciate that you took the time to learn my language. Learning a foreign language can be difficult.

As for Overwatch Classic, I suspect that it won’t happen for many years. It could happen one day.

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Well they COULD put 1.0 AND 2.0 in classic considering 2.0 did come out in 2016 as well

Thank you :kissing_heart:. Maybe Daddy Jeff do something for anniversary.

The game may have been broken but at least it was broken in a very different way. I’d probably enjoy it, but like any classic game version, I wouldn’t play it for very long. Eventually I’d be left wanting updates and sadly unless it’s maintained by a seperate developer team willing to take it in a newer direction, it’d feel pointless to me.

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Uhm??? Pretty sure Mercy was literally meta

Yes it can be nice mode or another game

Before her rework? Before Immortality (after Resurrecting)? Nope. She was almost never used in pro play and never saw herself in games above diamond. The only reason her pickrate was high back then was because her skill floor was relatively low so not-so-good players - mostly gold and plat, played her. These players make up a large portion of the player base. Additionally, even after the buff that made her temporarily invulnerable (which by the way was added because devs said her ultimate was pretty bad as Mercy almost always died right afterwards) nothing much changed. Other than the bs “Hide n Res” strategy that people started to use because temp immortality literally incentivises it (even though it’s a pretty rubbish strat).

Yes she was. Not in s2, but in s1.

Edit: Also, hide and rez was a thing way before she made herself immune to damage when rezzing.

I don’t know much about season 1. I started playing during season 2. :no_mouth:

It was of course a thing because of the nature of Ressurect but:

  1. It literally almost never worked because you’d always get wiped again (still happened after immunity but it made tempo ressing pretty powerful so most Mercy players just ditched the hide strat and opted to stay with their teams)

  2. It was very rare, only ever done in low ranks, because again, the strategy was inherently bad. If you want a better explanation, just read the Recent Developments section of this thread:

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