Chiropractors! Mei’s spine is ok now

Everyone can rest at ease now…


That’s weird, I thought they had fixed it. Her back did seem better to me. Am I going crazy?

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Please fix widow too … so weird …

Unfortunately they reduced her body proportion on the other skins, instead of just fixing Pajamei

Why on earth would they do that? Her body size was fine. FFS.

wow, never paid that much attention to Mei

Oh God if I wasn’t just coming off a silence there are so many jokes I’d make right now…


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Guys it ok! She’s still thicc

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Maybe they’re shrinking her hurt box.

Probably is the same as her skirt is now floating after they removed those body proportions.

Mei’s butt was nerfed? D:

Jeff please

I don’t think it was nerfed.
If anything, we can see it better thanks to her floating coat/skirt things. :wink:

It was unfortunately and i don’t think Blizzard will fix her in game model on the other skins. From that angle you can tell the difference. If you also compare the character model from a different angle you will see the new one is almost completely flat.

Soon she’ll be a pancake like Tracer in this crappy game

A nerf to thiccness is a bad thing :frowning:

I just checked and is not different lightning. Oh well

Good. Now fix Black cat’s non existent bottom.

I am outraged :angry: