Blizzard can you fix Mei other skins body proportions?

After today patch Mei got her in game model fixed so the Pajamei skin wouldn’t look broken (that broken spine look was horrible). However doing so has nerfed all of her models and now she’s flat compared to what she had currently. I will leave the before and after comparison, but my request is to just adjust her Pajamei skin and leave the other skins alone.

The body proportions changes also made the skirts on all of her skins to float magically.

This is just a suggestion, as i don’t like it when things that are fine are altered.

Left before patch and right after patch comparisons.

Before patch

After patch


still looks thicc to me


Her proportions actually make more sense now, anatomically speaking.

I like the changes!

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Another thing i noticed (since her body proportions got changed) is that her torso accessories (skirt?) is now floating since there’s nothing in there now.

If Mei has no booty I have a problem.


She just took a few layers of clothing off. She was never that overweight.

I agree. She actually looks realistic now in regards to the physical feats she can / has accomplished (Much more strong and athletic.)

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Yeah but her other defaults attires looks off now. Literally every skin of hers (including a few legendary) now has the accessories floating since those were not adjusted.

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Coward, Chubby Mei is best Mei


Lol well for me i just like how things were originally.

Who caress how she looks in every other skin? Pajamei is the only Mei you need!

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I’m a man of butts, and I take offense to this change.

This only seems to be a Problem In her classic and epic variations. All the legendary ones fall naturally enough.

I made the comparison and that’s not the case. Halloween Mei skin is also affected by this change.

Oh yeah… I always forget that one…

but the Firefighter, Yeti Hunter, Lunar new year, and Ecopoint ones seem Fine. in fact, Luna finally doesn’t have a shelf butt anymore. (and beekeeper doesn’t have anything back there to be affected in the first place)

Antarctica skin is also affected. The Lunar skin was actually fixed a long time, however they fixed that skin without breaking others. As ridiculous her body proportions are (not to Widowmaker degree) i like how the characters were originally presented. I don’t want Widowmaker receiving the same treatment just in case an upcoming skin is glitchy and by fixing it the break all of other skins.

Can you please make her THICCer

Id say mei is fine as she is. She was never really meant to be chubby. Her skins were more meant to make her look that way due to the amount of clothing. As long as she still has bazongas the size of melons, im happy.

Also, mei bikini skin.

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^ Yeah but that’s how she was always presented. Widowmaker body proportions are unreal but i’m pretty sure a lot of people wouldn’t be happy if they changed her in game model for all of the skins if there happens to be a bug on one of them. I’d say just keep the changes on the Pajamei skin while keeping the other skins how they originally were. You know like what they did on her Lunar skin.

If they did that and Mei wasnt super overweight, Twitter and Tumblr would be outside Blizzard HQ with the pitchforks, torches, and hounds in an hour of launch. Jeff would have to flee the country.