Career Profile Comp Bug

I am a console player and my comp profile still isn’t updating. It says I have logged 0 hours and haven’t played any hero’s or won any games. I do play more unranked than comp, but I have at least logged double digit hours in comp.

Yep. This has been an issue since launch and there’s many others with the same problem. I’ve been keeping track of all these threads here:

Blizzard have yet to acknowledge this is even a problem so don’t expect a fix any time soon.

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It definitely seems to be a console only issue from what I can tell. Maybe they’ll try to fix it by next season but it honestly has just been super discouraging since I can’t track my stats and see where I can improve

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It’s an issue affecting those on console who did an account merge.

I can see stats for my friends on console but they didn’t do an account merge. I can’t see my or anyone else’s stats that’s done an account merge.