Can't buy Lucio's legendary emote


Just as the title says, I bought 300OWL tokens and can’t purchase it, despite it making the ‘you bought it’ noise. Any ideas to why this is happening?

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Hey MisterFox,

This is actually a known issue. That emote is not intended to be purchasable, as it is an Overwatch League Pass exclusive to my knowledge. We’ve already made the devs aware and hopefully will have this resolved soon.


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Have 200+ OWL tokens. But

Well, that’s a bummer. Wasted 15$ just to get it, as I absolutely love Lucio. Anyway I can exchange the 300 tokens for lootboxes, considering I was unintentionally misled?

Edit: Friend bought the emote…so I am confused.


I bought it too. Can we get refunded?


yeah well all want a refund over this i bought a 20 bucks card in game stop. I wish to have my Balance back … I wish it can somehow connect to the twitch place so it can collect money for that lucio thing.


Well that is quite odd then, for what purpose would the code be existing to distribute a legendary emote for 300 tokens?

Is this perhaps intended for the All-Star skins?

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I hope you guys fix the other obtained items showing in the gallery too. Blizzcon 2016, 2017, Warcraft stuff. We don’t need for the gallery. Those are exclusives.


I purchased the OWL Pass not long after it came out, I have all the OWL skins except this emote. I spent some money to get the tokens needed to buy this emote and still can’t purchase it.


I also bought league points just for that emote but then when i clicked on unlock nothing happened. There is no information that i need something else to buy it so i didn’t know. Now im stuck with 400 league points :confused: a real bummer…


This really sucks :frowning: 19,99 eur is a lot for nothing :frowning:


Hey lantrasau,

I just read what was going on with the emote and just spent €15 on it without knowing this was a thing, it would be Nice to atleast get the emote or a refund in lootboxes.


EDIT: how did it get there in the first place as it wasn’t intended to be there in the first place but Why is the currency there, i just don’t get how it got missed up so bad


How do I get a refund? This is ridiculous just wasted money for nothing.


If you bought the pass, all you need to do is redeem it?


I have exactly the same issue. I also bought 300 tokens just for this awesome Lucio emote and for this odd reason i cannot unlock it so this purchase was a complete waste because i have already bought earlier some league skins for my heroes.


Yeah if you bought the All-Access pass, log on twitch go to overwatch league, hit loot and redeem all. Bam you can dance party with us!


I hope people who bought token for nothing will be refunded… :disappointed_relieved::sob:


Well damn I hope you guys are giving refunds. I bought tokens to get that emote thinking it was available. $20 for nothing is kind of a lot.


Same problem here,
bought 300 OL Credits for this. When you consider German law, you as a shop or company need to deliver what you offer to customers. So that would mean they would have to make it possible to buy it. I am not mad when I get a refund, you know that can happen to the best. But at least let us get a refund pls. I do not need the 300 OL Credits.


I’m still wondering why I didn’t get it on release back on the 24th of July. I have the pass. Now I spent more money to get it and still don’t have it.


Because you have to redeem every Overwatch League All-Access-Pass Loot on the OWL Twitch page.