Can't buy Lucio Dance party emote [PS4]

I linked my twitch account to ps4 and subscribed to overwatch league and yet can’t purchase the emote

Have 340 saved tokens, can’t purchase that cool emote either. PC version. Wake up sleepy heads!

300 tokens, can’t purchase. I hope €15 didn’t go to waste.

Last night I contacted support on Twitter and they responded this morning saying: “Terribly sorry for the confusion. This wasn’t intended to be visible/purchaseable, yet. Please keep an eye out!” So I guess we didn’t waste our money and just need to be patient? Ugh.


Originally you had to buy the pass. But the way they’re setting this up, is that you can buy it JUST with tokens, I think. Because so many want to have it, but not everyone uses Twitch. At least that’s my hope.

Its coming out soon boys n girls be patient!

well lets hope it is soon, im not the most patient person when it comes to his main

Hey guys, I contacted the support about this bug. They confirmed they made a misstake: it’s not supposed to be bought this way. If you bought tokens in order to get this emote and didn’t spend them, you can ask for a refund.

I thought they do no refunds

I definitely want a refund then. I spent twenty bucks to get tokens for that emote.

Just so you are aware, if you are going thru PSN, they will not give you a refund.

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Proud console Lucio main here and I am having the same problem on ps4 and if their not going to make the emote purchasable this way then I better get a refund because I don’t care for the league or any of its skins and wouldn’t have bought the tokens otherwise!!!

I have the same problem on PS4 but my son bought it the night before, exactly the same way and it works fine for him. He hasn’t got the All Access Pass either, just bought with tokens and now has the emote.

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Same problem here. Purchased 400 tokens on PS4 to buy the dance party emote and won’t let me buy it -.- it’s absolutely disgusting that this far down the line there’s still pathetic problems…

If you do not know, they have already said this was unintended to be purchasable (yet). However, you can refund your purchased tokens if you had the intent to buy the Lucio emote.
More details on this post:

Same problem on Xbox I just $15 on it to now realize I’ve wasted my money hope we either get the emote or refunds

I spent 15$ for the emote but i never got it blizzard can you please fix this before removing it.

The problem is on xbox too. Its really annoying that i spent 20 dollars and didnt get want i wanted.

I cant buy it either and now have 200 League points just sitting there

On Xbox and have the same problem. Hope i didn’t just waste $10…