Can't buy Lucio Dance party emote [PS4]

I have 400 Leauge tokens and yet I can’t purchase the Dance party
can you please fix this issue !


I’m having the same issue on PC. I had 115 tokens, and just purchased 200 more to get the 300 it says are required to unlock. When I click unlock it just takes me back to the emote menu with the emote still locked.


yeah i spent 15 dollars just to try to buy it and i couldnt do it


same here. i have the points, but it doesn’t let me buy. Can confirm for PC btw.

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i will by a loot box if this gets fixed by tomorrow

I’m also experiencing this issue on my PS4. Just bought 400 tokens for this, I really hope it gets fixed soon… I just hope I haven’t spent 30$ on tokens for nothing

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Having the same problem on ps4

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Having same issue on Xbox. Purchased 400 tokens and I still get returned to the menu screen.

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Same issue on PC. Please fix, I spent 20 bucks just to get the tokens for that emote

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Confirmed, same issue on PC. :confused:

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This is ridiculous, people have wasted so much money because of a silly oversight. Fix ASAP, Blizzard.

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Same here on Xbox. I have 420 (hehe) Overwatch League tokens and it’s impossible to purchase. Really dumb.

Same issue here, I spent $15 cause I saw it was available for purchase. I’ve found another forum posts that says it’s not even supposed to be appearing in the hero gallery for non twitch all access pass holders. In which case, if I wasted $15 for this, I either want to be able to buy the emote with these tokens I paid for or I want my money back.


Same here. PC. Have the tokens, but when I try to unlock, it doesn’t do anything at all. Please fix!

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same issue here, i have over 350 league tokens and it doesnt let me buy it

Same problem here, on PC aswell.

Same here as well on PC. Some bug.

Same here. [PC]. Jeff help my main be champion!


Same here Wont let me buy it Just takes me back to the Emote but its still Locked… :confused:

Same issue here on PC, this emote is sooooooooooo cooooooooollll, cannot unlock.
Edit: I have to buy the pass …