Cannot Que Into Game (Get Kicked For Inactivity) And Invisible Characters/No Sound

Good Afternoon, I have played this game over the last few weeks very smoothy but now I cannot get into games on my PC. PC is running fine I can play other games, (COD, Rocket League, Fornite) and anything else even while streaming.

Over the last few days I try to get into quick play games and every time I have been kicked from the match for “Inactivity”. Usually this takes place once we find a match and am sitting in the loading screen of the Map we are about to play. The Overwatch logo on the bottom right has a spinning icon like it loading and it stays like this until I get kicked. I am now getting a message stating that “I will be punished for quitting too many games”

Also if I try and get into the Training Map it sometimes loads in but I cannot see MY character, or weapons at all or even the icon on the bottom left of whom I am playing and there is no sound. The animations for shooting and Ashes Dynamite exploding still happen but I don’t see it being thrown. After some time this usually comes back and I can see and shoot and everything seems normal, then I switch back to quick play and cant get into a match.

At one point I got a “Error Applying Update” (UNKNOWN ERROR HF-5) screen but this only happened once. My teammates and I get get together in a lobby and que in together, they all get in and I get kicked.

Also for reference I have tried to “Repair” through the Blizzard Launcher, and also uninstalled and reinstalled as well to try to fix it with no avail.

I have a feeling its a server issue? It seems like its not loading me properly into the games but I could be wrong. I’m just hoping to get this fixed so I can continue playing. I’m scared to keep trying because I don’t want my account to get punished, they have already taken away XP according to a notification i received.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Sounds like you’re experiencing a connection problem to the Overwatch servers. Can you add a WinMTR here? You can use the IP for the server you normally play on instead of getting it in game if you can’t connect. Please do not use the training range’s IP.

Instructions in the pinned thread:

Im not familiar with WinMTR, but I can figure this out over the next day or so and post it here? I will try this tomorrow if that’s ok?

There’s no time limit on it :slight_smile: I’ll be tracking the thread.

I paste it in and it says i cant post links in the thread!? I ran it with this for Install/Patching
Minus the dashes

You have to break links by adding space, like before .com or .net

I’m not sure where those directions came from, but no, that test wouldn’t help us here since you are connecting to the game and not having trouble installing it. You would want to run it with a game server IP per the instructions in the pinned thread.

  • Some WinMTR tests to the Overwatch server you’re playing on. If you can’t log into the game, you can use the generic overwatch login server IP for your region. Otherwise, run these tests while the problem is actively happening. If you catch a disconnection or latency issue with the test, it will make it easier for us to find the problem.