Can we stop asking for devs to get fired?

that could also work
I mean hell, maybe when microsoft takes over they will break down the team system and make it more open

i been fired before in some jobs i had. most of the time it really wasnt my fault :wink:

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The rage goes beyond the balance team. In fact, who could single out the “balance” when the game is a setback in terms of complexity, and the client is an incomplete buggy joke.

I’m not mad at missing content. And I’m not mad at how heroes feel. I’m mad at tech that takes away my progression and sense of worth as a gamer. We’re watching them roll out a sequel with fewer working in-game systems than the product we already paid for. And those in-game systems never improved (much) after years and years.

There is so much wrong with the franchise right now. 4 years content drought with OW1 dropping into irrelevance. No problem they say, keep praising us we are promising you the moon come 2021, 2022, 2023, etc. Ok so where is it?

My thoughts condemn their HR department. Don’t they have performance reviews? I’m sorry but most of us work for a living and work hard for a paycheck. They are making BIG salaries down in Irvine. The best of the best of AAA. There are 200+ names on the credits list. OW2 doesn’t really showcase this value mapping (200 salaries x4 years → this!?).

They broke faith with us and it shows. People are mad at this cash grab and you can’t direct the anger at the game since it’s barely playable. It probably goes back to the higher-ups and internal scandals, as mentioned.

But people are fed up. In large numbers. They are starving and the team keeps saying “let them eat cake”. No thanks, eventually we bring you to the guillotine.


Reddit be like:

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I wonder how hard it would be for one of them to leave the company, break NDA (or w/e stops the leaks) - and go full whistleblower on the internal work conditions. Like how did they get such bad development cycles. Lack of talent? Lack of motivation? Poor management? Corporate culture? Once in a career blunders? All of the above?

If that’s the case, then they absolutely need to clean house. This wouldn’t be a first in the software industry.

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Yeah, nobody’s perfect, but you don’t see any of the developers in his place doing this

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And then you remember about all those bills you have to pay, and you shove you dignity up your rear.

Very hard, because only someone at the end of their career would dare to do it. As it’s pretty much the end - top management of different corps often keep comms with each other, so it’s red ticket for life, no one will hire them. As all corporations have their skeletons in closet they want to keep hidden.

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I don’t have an issue with people being upset with the dev team or Blizzard as a whole. That’s your right as a consumer. If you have a grievance let it be heard. I’m not saying people should be censored here.

My post (and this specific topic) is about this kneejerk reaction some people have to fire devs just because they don’t agree with the Mercy change, for example.

In many ways, balance is subjective. No matter what the devs do balance wise, somebody will love it and somebody will hate it. Sorry, but I don’t agree with firing people just because they have a different vision of balance than myself. Not to mention, if people are upset with Blizz at the executive level, firing a few devs is not going to fix the problem.

This is a beta. The point is to test out ideas. I’m going to reserve judgment for the finished product in October. We don’t even know if these changes will make it to live.

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Anyone trying to turn this “arguement” the other way around…

Just stop. No matter how much you dislike changes in a flipping video game, doesn’t excuse or give you the right to say or ask for someone, dev or not. To lose their career, their source of income.

You have no right.

Your a consumer, and at the end of the day it’s just a flipping video game. Devs are humans too.

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What??? You have a job, but are doing it badly?? And your consumers are asking for change or replacement due to repeated incompetence?? OH THE CRUEL INHUMANITY OF IT ALL. Perhaps keep to your namesake lol


Yea… its not “devs” to be mad at, just corpo itself. i mean lately some guy stated that game devs who dont do microtransactions are idiots if i reemmber right? I think he was from EA or former guy from there idk, still this is how higher ups work, they see profit not a product.

You have something against people old enough to remember that? Big yikes. I’m embarrassed to have you on these forums.


Someone already did. The head of the company kept coming down and changing what they were working on, constantly.

They didn’t get any time work on ow2 since they were always being pulled off into weird little side projects

No doubt he also screwed with balance himself, etc.

bobby kotick? wonder if he plays overwatch and if he does who does he main…

my guess would be soldier 76

actually would be crazy if he mains mercy :rofl:

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Overall they did a great job on OW2 feels faster and more fun.

Perhaps learn some morals?
Learn that at the end of the day, it’s a video game? And your calling for someone, a human, an individual to lose their career and source of income.

Because you dislike / disliked a change in a video game. :neutral_face:

a small, minor insignificant few, who apparently give no :poop:'s about the human on the otherside of the game.

Not to mention, there are to my knowledge very few instances of consumers getting a dev booted. That typically falls to higher ups, so if you want someone to blame. Blame the cooperate :poop: heads on mismanaging the devs, or leading them astray and wasting their time. That apparently Kotick did more than once with the OW team.

Cause otherwise once again…

On topics like these, I tend to become unmuted for a reason. :slightly_smiling_face:

Let’s be honest folks. Whether the Devs have any talent at all - its hard to tell. Its the top that is the issue. They have gotten rid of all the people that focused on making games fun because it sounds bad (I guess).

The devs are not the issue. It’s upper management. Hopefully MS will step in, but I am not counting on it.

That’s part of the issue for many players. They didn’t need to make OW2 a faster game but they did, and it’s not fun for many players.

Oh, my bleeding heart! I’m not sure what cotton-socked world you live in lol.
Be it video game, product, government or service. If you’re being payed to provide a service and failing or take actions that cause criticism, dissent and dissatisfaction. Heads end up rolling from higher ups. see:Allen Brack

You can’t argue ‘oh I HAVE A LIVING TO MAKE I’M HUMAN SPARE ME’. Lol What a deranged argument. This isn’t a small indie company


Your right, expect government folks never get fired irl lol