Can we just Stop this

So, if 55 is too strong do you go to 52? 53? Look at how destabilizing a change of 10 hps was. We’re at a really unstable point in design space, and I don’t think it’s a good idea to chase a very specific ephemeral point there instead of moving back and looking at the bigger picture. Why not just try to do things from principle and see where that goes?

You know my view here. The beam needs to go back to 60. I wouldn’t mind some nerfs to res (in fact, I want it removed), and I wouldn’t mind changes to Valkyrie either (I want the chain beams removed in favor of somewhat higher healing on the main beam. I think it adds a feeling of decision making/impact while also preventing Mercy of escaping her role as a single target healer).

But yet those same people act like they did nothing wrong. The amount of times I’ve called out people for being jerks, than they try and act like they did nothing is almost mind blowing. If I didn’t already know the internet was a horrible place, this place would only lead me to know it for sure.


She is fun.
At least I think she’s fun.
No one is being mean to Mercy players because they want her “fun” and you know it.

You’re already splitting the player base. There are many Mercy/support players, like myself, who think the current Mercy is fun and don’t want her changed.

Are you willfully ignoring us? Do you simply think all Mercy players think like you? I guarantee if there was a revert you would have many people, Mercy players included, on the forums complaining about the revert.

It’s also up to you to completely ignore any and all Mercy players who don’t agree with you and erroneously imply we all want the same thing for Mercy. (we don’t)

Yeah, good luck. I want that too, but different people have different opinions and want different things.
Case and point:
You and many Mercy players want a revert.

Myself, and others, do not.

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Nicely composed reply. Haven’t seen something constructive recently. Chatting with people like (can’t name people) is tiring.

Well I’m not exactly in for a complete revert. I’m more for a rework including mass res with cast time/LoS (you know, tweaks) + decent E ability to raise the skill floor/ceiling of the character. Currently both of these are low and Mercy is not even challenging to play. But is not really impactful too. The 50hps nerf finished her off in my opinion.

These forums are rife with that unfortunately. I’m glad you see my reply as constructive since most people seem to think I’m trying to be toxic.

And I’m not necessarily opposed to that, but if that’s your meaning then I think, perhaps, it could be more effectively conveyed in the OP.

Though, I’m so tired of Mercy changes I actually just want her to settle a little. Your suggestion opens the possibility of another “OP rework where Mercy dominates the game for a year and needs 10+ nerfs to balance”.
I don’t think anyone wants that.

I think the challenge to Mercy is being able to stay alive in the thick of a fight. Being able to bait people into attacking you, but not being able to kill you. You can waste a lot of the DPS’s time doing that.
I have had many fights where I was doing this and was the first to die. However, since the team was so focused on killing me, my team was able to take advantage of their poor positioning, since people will go out of position to attack Mercy no matter what, and they win the fight as a result.

Another hard part about her current kit is being able to tell if you can resurrect and when you can do it.

I agree, as anyone must agree, that she doesn’t have the impact she once had.
However, her consistent healing cannot be ignored or underestimated. Yes, it’s been nerfed, but it’s still the easiest and most consistent effective healing in the game.

In all, we want the same thing, honestly. We just have disagreements on how to get there, when, and what the result should look like.

Well yes, it may. But people rarely played mercy for her Res as an ult. And the E ability suggested is not something that would define meta IMHO.
I didn’t take it in the OP but I’m referring to Titanium’s post

I’m not gonna quote the rest of the post as I agree with almost all of the points

I have to disagree here. I’ve been playing since the day the game came out and played support. Sometimes I would be Lucio, but the team wanted the possibility of mass resurrection. I would swap so we could have it.
Most times I swapped to Mercy, back when she had resurrect as an ultimate, was solely to be able to mass resurrect.

And people, myself included, thought that her first rework would kill her. It ended up making her better than ever before. Just because we don’t think the ability will have that effect doesn’t mean we’re right. We can’t know, really.

Ah, yes, the infamous titanium’s post. I have my issues with it and we won’t discuss it here since it doesn’t matter, really.

Unfortunately, though, I don’t think any thread like this will ever really work in curbing toxicity. Honestly, it is probably a magnet for it. I haven’t read the other replies, but based on your first response I have to assume you’ve had some… less than helpful replies.

No no. I mean DPS/tank players rarely go Mercy when they have to flex support. They go ana/zen/lucio and now that moira is out she is effective and easy to play.

Same. I thought she wouldn’t be fun and she would be useless. When she ended up being meta I was surprised.

I think blizzard should make one community idea of mercy be tested on the PTR every 2 weeks. When we come to a PTR patch that most people like we should just push it live.

I’m referring to it as I voted to which abilities (that are included in the “solution” section) I think would work. I generally like the rework, EeveeA has a positive feedback about it too.

I don’t think any thread generally helps in the forums as blizzard show pure ignorance when coming to listening the community

Ah, I see. I misunderstood you. My apologies.

Excellent suggestion, and I personally agree. I’d expand it, however, to just giving the player more options in custom games to “Create” (more or less) the Mercy they want to try out.
Why not let her mas res in a custom game?

There is more truth here than I want to admit for sure.
I’m here to kill time, honestly. xD

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Well I would like to see “a drawing board” in the custom games. You could code (or make a blueprint) of abilities for custom games. Some people will make great games

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Maybe if the same 12-20 posters stop constantly clogging the forums with Mercy spam, then maybe they won’t be treated so poorly. Just a thought.

If it were spam it’d be taken down as such and often times its not though which is why you rarely see it taken down.

Its not only Mercy players spamming. There are antiMercys that spam as well. And they are spamming about mercy too… Which is … sad the very least
(insert “You have become what you fought” meme here)

1 person called you revert ppl cultists, don’t come at me with that.

I’m honestly surprised. I played Starcraft 1 back in the day and the game had SO MANY CUSTOM GAME MODES. They were all created by the community. I never even played the regular game (PvP). This was possible because there was a separate editor with many options (many beyond me).

Why is there nothing like that for OW? Sure the custom games are better and you can do some customization, but it’s no where close to a blizzard game released 20 years ago.
It baffles me, honestly. This game could have a resurgence of players and be even more popular if people just had free reign on modding custom games. You would have people logging on just to see what new game someone created in OW. Much like I did with the original Starcraft.
Oh well.

If only there was a Support or a Mercy subforum for these threads to go to…

The same number I mentioned fall on both sides of the issue. For once I would like to discuss something OTHER THAN MERCY.

You have 2 hours on Sombra should this post be irrelevant because of your own logic?

Here you talk about a “justified” nerf of a hero you have only played for an hour.

22 minutes on Bastion but you can clearly say he was OP.

I mean you can say you don’t want people talking about Mercy balance with less than 2 hours on her but I also expect the same from you in return.


You rang? Can I be of assistance?

yeah make her more evasive with the ability that players already have a hard time hitting yeah good idea

Nahh I put the wrong link in the post. I meant to get the post under yours in that thread.