Can we get a Black Woman Hero?

While Overwatch is a game that boasts a wide range of characters from various walks of life, and looks to be one of the more inclusive games on the market, there are still glaringly obvious areas where this can be improved.

Characters from all over the globe are represented, but not Black Women. We have three sentient robots, and a talking gorilla, but no Black Women. And the number of us that play this game is pretty high, contrary to popular belief. Can we get a LITTLE love?

And no, Orisa doesn’t count. She’s a robot…


For future reference, a query regarding the possibility of having an XYZ hero is not a case of self-victimization. Please adjust your records accordingly.


From Africa, built by a black girl, and VA’d by a black woman… just saying.


Its very hard to get EVERY nationality for both genders. I think its great that blizz is trying to be as inclusive as possible. We already have two african charcters which is more then other games can say, not to mention the black female tech genius Efi who plays a big part in one of the characters lore.


That doesn’t make her any less a robot. But go off.


Doomfist is pretty feminine.


Both are men and Efi isn’t playable.

theres a lot of people unrepresented like why isn’t there a Chinese male or Japanese female, or Egyptian male, or an american female, considering there were two african characters added in a row one of which, granted isn’t obviously a black women, is still representative of one and made by a black girl who is just as much of a character as orisa is. I dont think you have mush room to complain


If anyone feels strongly they can say something? Why does that mean I shouldn’t?


Again, it isn’t a complaint. It is clearly a request. It appears to bother you greatly. I suggest moving on and getting over it.


We have two female egyptian characters but not a male egyptian, but no one complains about that. It is the exact same thing, but since its female characters no one cares.


Not Black. And, again, just because someone else doesn’t care about something else entirely, why does that mean I can’t care about what I care about?


you can say what ever you want just know your criticisms will be criticized especially if they hold no weight.

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It holds weight. It’s just not important to you.

considering theres a black women in the game, no it doesn’t.

I don’t think asking for Black Women to be represented is dumb. But ok.

this. im actually curious if posts like this are genuine or are just meant to troll and divide the community :confused:


You missed the part where I said HERO.

As in playable.

So, no, Efi doesn’t count.

The OP made a request. You engaged in insults. I pointed out that your insults were both inappropriate and unwarranted.

You’ve made your staunch opposition to a black female character known. We have noted it in the log. Now, maybe we can stop attacking the OP.


Egyptians are Africans. How much more black do you want? I understand that you want your race (I’m assuming you to be a black female but if not then sorry) but in a game diverse already, they can’t please everyone. I’m happy having at least one Latina even if I’m not Mexican or female. Although Reaper most likely has Hispanic in him, for now he’s confirmed to be only an American.