Can we forbid double off tank and double main tank?

I’ve seen and done Zarya/Hog and win. Major hyucking.


Also, for the purposes of this:
Main tanks: Rein, Orisa, Sigma
Off tanks: Dva, Zarya, Roadhog
Not limited: Winston, Ball

I used to have more sympathy, but man, I had double off tank over and over and over tonight. It was awful.

Also no double main tank instantly fixes double barrier forever and lets us buff Orisa and Sigma. I honestly don’t know how else they’ll ever be able to do it.


Its true but… its can work. 1 my game on this week me lose first round vs zarya hog when we have rein sigma. We switched to zarya hog and win game. If you will try stop crying before fight start and try win – you will win more. And its my game from high master

Why? I know only 1 working double main tank – rein+orisa. And people in comp no pick this usually.

Btw you play on gold.

You can solo carry game with bad comps. And lose with good comp. Actually no reason care about team comp if you play game for up ranks. If you wanna enjoy – yeah its can be hard with bad comp unlucky dude. usually me just focus on me self and enjoy game


Honestly in low rank I think composition matters more. I could call about 80% of games just based on what hero is on the team.

I dont think so. Matters skill for realisation hero, no comp. Hog – hard. Hammond – hard. Rein – Hard (no hard for stuck in gold), but no so hard how hog or hammond.

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I mean, yeah. That’s the whole design I put in here.

No DoubleOffTank
No DoubleBarrier

And yeah, Barrier Tanks are limited to 4 choices, but you can buff the crap out of them without worrying about balance much.
In reality, 4 juggernaut tier barrier tanks is probably more fun than “Rein or Lose”.

✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2


Off tanks being fun and having agency and not being allowed to be played together is why no one queues for tanks btw.

Maybe rather than lobbying for more restrictions on player choice that would undoubtedly just exacerbate the queue times problems, we ask for reworks or balancing to tanks so 2 off tanks is viable and main tanks are more fun?


you forgot about no long q time.

better you dont know how many offtank players switch for main.

Believe me I’ve asked for that a lot, but I think it’s not a realistic possibility.

Sigma is an off tank and Winston and ball are both viable and main tanks. Winston is being one tricked at 4400 and ball has been one tricked since his release consistently by a handful of people at 4600. They are more than viable and both main tanks

I think the upsides drastically overcome the downsides.


  • Bruiser players will add to the DPS queue.
  • Can’t put two Bruiser-preferred players on the same team.
  • Only 4 BarrierTanks hero choices for Tank players.


  • 50% less Tanks needed per round.
  • 50% more DPS per round.
  • Can buff BarrierTanks a lot without worrying about DoubleBarrier or DoubleOffTank.
  • More than 1 worthwhile Barrier Tank besides Reinhardt.
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It all comes down to barriers. Everyone hates shooting them, most people dislike playing the barrier tank, but everyone demands them on their team.

  1. no double barrier

So you wanna destroy from this game orisa and sigma? If you wanna buff orisa again its can be work but sigma be still bad. He really play good only with 2 shields

I don’t think you read the post I linked

Wanna sleep. Fixed last post

Btw me still read bad. WAIT 1 MIN XD. Or no.

Gladly trade double barrier for buffing the crap out of single barrier.

And with each barrier tank, there are a wide variety of offtank combinations.

And the other big benefit is that you can buff barrier tanks A LOT without worrying about zerobarrier being too weak, or doublebarrier being too strong.

Like 700hp Reinhardt with 90 damage hammer swings, and 2500hp barrier, could technically be balanced.

I don’t think anyone hardly actually likes double barrier. Even I don’t like it and I like both Orisa and Sigma individually.

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Why stop there? Lets force everyone to play Rein and Zarya. Lets force everyone to play only Paris and Havanna.
Oh, and you can’t forget forcing everyone to play McCree and Echo


People dont understand

  1. meta start work from 3500
  2. and still work no perfectly

Thats why you can saw zarya on gm and 0 zarya in owl

If you could get all 4 barrier tanks to be equal to Rein, and say 25% more viable than current Rein.

Then you had 4 offtanks to choose from.

That’s a lot more variety than “Every other tank is an offtank to Rein, except for certain maps sometimes with high coordination”