Can we do something about Reaper?

Both noxs hsve reaper icons…hmmmm

He’s already getting a nerf, like what more do you want?


I guess actually useful E?

What there are 2 Noxes? Weird.

Well yes he became quite an annoyence at bronze to plat. On PTR he dont seem that different but I suspect it is due to poor quality of matches.

Yeah you really have to wonder when a nerf is in the works and someone comes on and posts like this… whats up with that?

Of course, I am amazed at how many people I have talked to who don’t know that some form of role queuing is imminent after the Stylosa interview…

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Is he? I was not aware? Can you go into more detail?

Also, his E is useful. Even essential in places like Foundry etc. It’s fun, but I understand why people don’t like it.


Here is my contribution to the conversation.

I don’t know what Stylosa is but I’m not interested in the game outside of the game. So I only know how things are at the moment, and they’re not great.

So what is the nerf?

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If I was in the mood I would say read the PTR notes… but, his health regen is being dropped to 40%… from 50%.

Thank you. You could have posted that right away and save me the trouble but sure.

I hope this will be enough to bring him back down to a normal level.


I guess you’re just playing against trash players. That’s not a hero issue.

If people are genuinely bad enough to let a Reaper melt their entire team then odds are you could walk into them with your monitor off as Torbjorn and wipe them.


I think he needs some form of rework at this point in time. It’s apparent his current design has the devs forced to pick between viability at higher ranks (which they still failed at) or making him tolerable at the lower ranks.

I can say this will full confidence as a casual scrub, I do not want to see a reaper strong enough to survive in OWL without significant changes to his skill floor because he will decimate mid plat and below.

I went from high gold to bronze and back again. There was no difference in any skill. It was the same set of Hanzo’s and Genji’s, it was the same people standing next to the objective and shooting at a wall. It was the same people trying to res their teammates as I shot them in the face with 1 HP. It was always the same. It was the same toxic swamp.

My point is, everyone is trash from bronze to plat, that’s the point.

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I’m Nyx. Hello.

And Reaper is getting nerfed.

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Nyx…nox… close enough

Are you really comiplaining that your favourite character got stronger? Would you like it better if he gets nerfed? You liked it more when he was worse?

Either youre liying or youre a huge masochist, Devs can never win.

It’s the same. Nyx is the original name for the greek goddess, Nox is the romanization of the same name.

@Colt…really? Colt? Ok…

I want them to be fun. Shooting fish in a barrel is not fun.

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Caustic mains unite!

I actually needed that clarification.

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Keep ranking up, until you face a competent mcree that can fill you with holes. Problem solved

if your enemies are fish in a barrel its time to drop the baby gloves and play in the big leagues not to nerf reaper.

Unless you plan on being the king of quickplay in which case more power to you, master edgelord

Seriously…Colt. You can’t call anyone an edgelord, Colt. 'Cuz you’re called Colt, Colt.

And even if I do rank up, that doesn’t mean the other ranks will be fine. I’m not a selfish prick, Colt. They don’t deserve to get steamrolled just because I’m having fun, Colt. Be nice, Colt.